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No, Sady…I will not take that title back…

It’s crazy how long it can take to get a collab to come together.  Sady and I have been talking about doing a shot together for MONTHS.  But as she says in her post, getting schedules, poses and outfits matched up can be…well…a pain in the ass sometimes.  But we finally got it done and damn did we have a good time taking this shot!

Funny story about Sady.  When I first got connected with her, we were both working for the same store.  Now, she and I hadn’t really talked…but here I was, trying to break into blogging and there was Sady, established blogger and also the blogger manager there.  I’ll admit it.  I was scared of her.  Scared and intimidated.  I was afraid to even think about talking to her.

And then October rolled around and she and I finally connected and actually talked.  Let me tell you something…those fears went away pretty damn quickly.  I won’t say I don’t get a little intimidated by the woman every now and then…but then again, I have a great deal of respect for her talent and who she is as a person.  And no, Sady…no fighting me on this!

As I have gotten to know her over the past seven months, I have found someone who not only accepts me and cares about me, but also a friend who understands some aspects of my life others struggle to understand at times.  That’s probably where our friendship has been forged and I’ll tell ya…I couldn’t be happier about it.

I do have to laugh though because I think Sady sees me as the totally sweet, innocent and never been corrupted girl.  *bursts out laughing* Yeah…ok, Sady…you go on believing that! lol  Despite what she may think about my world never being the same again…*rolls her eyes*…she has helped get me off my platform to meet some new people recently and not seclude myself so much.  That, in and of itself, has been such a blessing.  As has her support and belief in me as a blogger and a person.

So….we aren’t going to let it take this long to get another pictures, girl.  And you want to do a picture that’s a little…spicier?

Game on, girl.  Game on. 😉

See it on Flickr.

Check out Sady’s side of the story on Flickr and at her blog, Sady Style.

What I’m Wearing
Cae – Avril Earrings & Necklace [@ FaMESHed]
Cosmic Dust – Cassie Lingerie Bra  [@ Uber]
Stealthic – Dawn

Body – Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara
Head – Catwa HEAD Catya
Shape: Custom
Skin – Not Found – Piper Skin Bronze

What Sady Is Wearing
{le fil casse} – Natsumi Bralette Plain Maitreya Pink [@ LootBox]
Tableau Vivant – Apricot hair [@ Collabor88]
(Yummy) – OM Layered Necklace

Head: Catwa HEAD Denice
body: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara
Skin: #PUMEC – Sophia

FOXCITY – Legs Legs Legs Friend Pose [Mainstore Group Gift]

.:Joplino:. Backdrop It Was All A Dream

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  1. I love you sweet innocent ass sooo damn muich! You almost had me in tears.♥

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Love you too, girl. ♥ And remember…the whole sweet, innocent thing? Its a facade…and you should have figured that out by now. LMFAO ♥♥♥

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I’ll never tell.


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