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I love this term…self care.  We were taught a great deal about self care during my master’s program.  I discussed the need for self care a great deal with my clients as a counseling intern.  Its a very important concept in life.

Sadly, all too often, we forget about self care.

I am one of the worst at NOT practicing self care.  Part of that is unavoidable.  As someone in middle management, I am in this place where my job makes it very difficult to plan self care activities.  As I have written about multiple times over the past several months, the number of times I was suddenly called into work or abruptly had my schedule changed with no real warning…I had to cancel a lot of my self care activities.  Its no wonder I am so tired right now as I come up on my first real vacation in 5 years.

One of the things that has been a consistent form of self care for me has been my blogging.  Why do I share that?  Well…as seems to happen every few months, something comes up within the blogging community where people are discussing their displeasure about certain people getting certain teams, criticizing other bloggers styles or some other way that some bloggers attack others in the blogging community.  I mean, as much as I love blogging, let’s be honest…  It can become cutthroat as people feel they are not getting what they feel they deserve.

I wish this wasn’t the case and I have touched on at least some, if not all of what I am going to share today in previous posts.  I wish the blogging community, as a whole, was much more supportive of each other.  I really do.

Here’s the thing though, at least for me.  Blogging is one of my forms of self care.  My blogging is about me.  My blogging is how I decompress from my days.  It is how I get my thoughts and feelings out in a healthy way.  It is one of the few means of artistic expression I have.  I mean, I have averaged about one post per day for the past several months.  Could I do that if my blogging wasn’t about me, my own self care and growth?

I get it.  We all get bummed when we don’t make teams.  For whatever success I have had as a blogger, I have many more rejection cards than I do team acceptances.  I have felt the sting at truly getting my hopes up to make a particular team, only to find out I was rejected…and then see someone who’s style may not be my style make the team.  It does sting…but that doesn’t mean I am going to be bitter.

One of the things I think all of us who blog need to remember is this… Blogging is an art form.  Whether you just do pictures and credits or you take an approach more like me…or do Flickr only.  Whatever it is…blogging should be your form of art.  Not everyone is going to be a fan of your form of art.  You are not going to be a fan of everyone else’s form of art.  That’s ok.  I am not a fan of Pablo Picasso’s art work but I would never even dream of saying his work is not art.

One of the things I adore about blogging is there is never a true “best blogger.”  No matter how good someone is, there will always be someone who is growing faster than them or more dedicated than them.  The person who may be the favorite to the masses this year may not be the favorite to the masses next year.  Blogging is ever changing.  If we are blogging for the right reasons and focusing on our own work, we will continue to evolve and grow as bloggers.  If we focus on what we can do to improve versus what someone else is doing that we don’t like, our styles will change, grow and we will learn new skills.  I mean, for me, half of my “self care” with blogging is the joy of learning those new skills and trying new things…not just getting my posts up and meeting my requirements.

I have babbled on, I know…but I think these are important things for all of us bloggers to think about.  I mean…really…have you stopped to think about WHY you are blogging?  What motivates you?  What drives you to improve?

If it is just to make the next big team, you will only limit yourself.  If it is because you have a passion for it, it is a form of self care and you want to continually challenge yourself…

Then you are blogging for the right reasons.

See it on Flickr.

Shelf&Wine – Apple and Bottle Wine
Shelf&Wine – Cork Pot
Shelf&Wine – Portrait and Cup

Apple Fall
Apples w/ Ornamental Stand – Silver
Books & Map
Cosmos Flowers – Candystripe
Cosmos Flowers – Pink
Cosmos Flowers – Red
Cotton Cluster
Crumpled Newspaper
Elderflower Cordial
‘Elvira’ Plate w/ Sliced Grapefruit
Handbag & Scarf
Hydrangea Bunch – Blue
Nectarines w/ Basket
Violet Glass Bottles

Signe bleached canvas rug

DaD – “Aeolus Set” [@ Collabor88]
“Aeolus Beanbag”
“Aeolus Lounger”
“Aeolus Pergola”
“Aeolus Pouf”

dust bunny
botanical tote
fiddle leaf tree
hanging plants . cheese plant
hanging plants . double planter
hanging plants . ivy planter
hanging plants . spider planter
potted cheese plant
potted palm

massage oil
massage table pg
3 rolled towels
spa necessities
stack of towels 1
stack of towels 2
stack of towels 3
stack of towels 4

ahoy table
carved wooden table . whitewash

Champagne Bucket
Drinks Trunk Cabinet (White)
Wine Glass Types
Whiskey Bottle

Rug Creme, Group Gift

Lissanna Pedestal Table Off White

Potted Ponytail Palm [Lsize]
Super long Hanging Hedera

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