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I need a trip to the river.  Or, as we call it here…The Rivah.

If you draw straight lines connecting Richmond, Virginia Beach and Washington, DC, you will include three popular vacation areas for people from Richmond.  These areas are called The Lower Peninsula Middle, Peninsula and The Northern Neck.  This spits of land extend into the Chesapeake Bay and are separated from each other by the Potomac, Rappahanock, Pamunkey and James Rivers.

While many of us, including myself, love the beach, these areas, collectively know as “The Rivah” are popular destination spots themselves.  The are calm and relaxing without the hustle and bustle found in Virginia Beach.  We laugh in Richmond calling it “the destination for the older crowd” looking to enjoy time on the water without dealing with the younger crowds constantly filling “The Strip” of Va Beach every night of tourist season.

Time spent here reminds me a great deal of when we would go to my grandfather’s old lake house, which I wrote about a few weeks ago…so it has quickly become a favorite getaway location for me.

Now, with all of that being said…who wants to join me for a trip to “The Rivah”? I would love to have the company!

See it on Flickr.

Apple Fall
West Village Pancake Breakfast Board

Arlette decorative apple pie
Arlette decorative cheese platter
Arlette decorative cushions pile
Arlette decorative picnic basket
Arlette picnic blanket

Cheeky Pea
Caicos Occasional Table

DaD [@ FaMESHed]
“Bellagio Wooden Floating Dock” c/m V.1.0
“Bellagio Wooden floating path small” c/m V.1.0

dust bunny
cozy reading

3 rolled towels

Beach Party Pointers 7. Suit Companion Pup

Labrador Sitting – Mesh – Full Perm

.peaches. [@ FaMESHed]
My Sunshine Beach Daiquiri – FAMESHED GIFT
My Sunshine Beach Parisol – Brown
My Sunshine Lounge – ADULT

Spring Gala Chair White
Spring Gala Table Light White
Spring Gala Table White

Serenity Style
Alex Summer Vintage Bag
Alex Summer Vintage Soda Bottle

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