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My dad’s mother, while originally from our hometown in Virginia, spent most of her life growing up in New Orleans after my great grandfather got out of the army following World War I.  While my grandmother moved back to Virginia when she married my grandfather, all of her siblings remained in New Orleans for the rest of their lives.

One of her sisters never married.  Her sister had earned her PhD in Physics prior to World War II and worked with multiple government agencies to help develop technology and weapons that helped to win the war.  We often joked in the family that she never married because every man she met was too intimidated by how intelligent and independent she was.  You go, girl!!!

While I have never been to New Orleans, when grandmother’s sister died in 1999, members of my family traveled down there to help clean out her house.  I was going to go except I was in a wedding in Texas that same weekend.  As I listened to my cousins and siblings talk about the trip to clean up, I sat there and imagined my great aunt once having a corner in home that looked very much like this…a place where she continued her academic readings and research long after she retired from work, so long after she helped our country win World War II.

So this one goes out to you, Aunt Alice.  We love you and miss you.  ♥

See it on Flickr.

Vintage Style Clock -Silver

Apple Fall
Magnolia Spray

ARIA & The Loft
Amberleigh Hydrangeas In a Vase
Avery Decorative Whiskey Tray
Diedra Amsonia bouquet in a vase
Devon book pile and glasses
Devon deco slippers
Devon decorative hand bag

DaD – Les Palmiers Gacha [@ The Arcade]
01 -DaD- Les Palmiers – Pavillon c/m RARE
02 -DaD- Les Palmiers- Lounge chair c/m ADULT RARE
03 -DaD- Les Palmiers- chair pg c/m RARE
04 -DaD- Les Palmiers- Floor lamp c/m
06 -DaD- Les Palmiers- Wall lamp c/m
07 -DaD- Les Palmiers-Round sofa lamp c/m
13-DaD- Les Palmiers- Blossom flower vase c/m
14-DaD- Les Palmiers- Console table c/m
15 -DaD- Les Palmiers- coffee table c/m
21 -DaD -Les Palmiers- Pineapple decor m/c
21 -DaD- Les Palmiers- Pineapple candle holder m/c
22 -DaD- Les Palmiers- Leaves rug c/m
23 -DaD- Les Palmiers- Glace rug c/m
26 -DaD- Les Palmiers- Round sofa Sky leaf c/m
28 -DaD- Les Palmiers- Butterflies cage c/m
29 -DaD- Les Palmiers- Shelf c/m
30 -DaD- Les Palmiers- Bookends c/m

dust bunny
cozy reading
fiddle leaf tree
pilea peper plant

long sheer curtains

*. emm
{ clutter : snack tray w. books }

Fancy Decor
Bradley Floor Lamp
Bradley Magazine
Bradley Sculpture
Grantaire Frame
Grantaire Jugs
Spencer – Delft Plate
Rene Books & Feathers
Rene Bowl
Rene Boxes
Spencer Lacquer Box

Delilah ~ Spaniel Resting (static)

basket of pears
macrame hanging plant . white

Cliff Hill – green A

[ keke ]
candle platter w snowberries . wood
snowberries in vase . white

Little Branch

Decorative Red Heels (Type1)
Whiskey Bottle

Lavender secret package Group Gift

Super long Hanging Hedera

artsy books

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