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I can’t remember where I first heard the statement, “Knowledge brings power.”  For some reason, I have it stuck in my head that it was an old Schoolhouse Rock segment from my childhood, but I very well could be wrong.  Regardless, I have learned over the years that its true.  There is power that comes with knowledge.  That power is the ability to better ourselves, understand the world better and to help break down barriers and walls limiting progress and growth.

So…we are in the middle of Pride Month.  And while I have shared a great deal about my own journey as a transgender woman, I have never asked you all what you wanted to know.  I have considered doing this for some time but always balked as there was some other pressing issue on my mind.  I was reminded of wanting to do this last night when a friend of mine, a transgender male, posted giving people the opportunity to ask him questions about his journey.

I want to do the same.  I want to help give you all the information you want and need.  I can tell my story all day long but do any of you have questions you want to ask but are afraid to?  What do you feel is important for you to know about this journey so that you can help support others who may be transitioning?

I will tell you right now, I am an open book regarding my journey and the knowledge I gained through my own research over the years.  Along with my own anecdotal information, I have read hundreds of research articles all multiple aspects of transitioning, being transgender and Gender Dysphoria.

With that being said, I will answer pretty much any question you have.  I only have two rules…

Rule 1: Ask respectfully.  While I seriously doubt anyone following my blog has an issue with me and my journey, if it is a hostile or discriminatory statement or question, I won’t be answering it.

Rule 2:  No question about my sex life.  You can ask about my sexual identity but no questions about sex itself.

Other than that, its all fair game…so hit me with you best shot.  Ask me those questions you are hoping to find answers to but are afraid to ask.  There is no shame in seeking to understand me or others who are transitioning.  That is how we build tolerance and acceptance.

Any questions I receive, I will answer in their own dedicated blog posts.  Questions can be left in the comments on Facebook, Flickr, comments here on this page or via email.

Again, please don’t be shy.  As I mentioned before, no topic is off limits and I truly do want to help erase the myths and misinformation about this journey.

Now…get those questions!

See it on Flickr.

What I’m Wearing
Glam Affair – Lelutka Lipstick Set 07
Mina  – Leslie
Real Evil  – Anya’s Pearl Bracelet, Earrings & Necklace
Salt & Pepper – Evelyn [@ Vintage Fair]

Body – Maitreya – Lara
Head – LeLutka – Korina
Shape – Custom
Skin – Glam Affair – Renee 08

Foxcity – Back to Baesics 7

Photo Booth – Crescent Room

Lace-up Chair w/blanket

Super long Hanging Hedera

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  1. Damnit. All my questions were about sex. *sighs* FUNHATER! *giggles* I love you, Tiffany. I don’t have any questions, I just wanted to be a smartass. ♥


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