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If there is one thing I have learned over the past 10 years, its that middle management sucks.

Sometimes I think people doubt me when I tell them how hard my job is on my body at times.  Its not physically demanding in that I have to do a lot of physical labor.  It is demanding because I end up with a lot of screwed up hours and covering short shifts.  Sometimes I am able to manage it without a problem.  Other times…it really takes a toll on my body.

We have been incredibly short staffed at work lately.  We are working to fill our vacant positions, but it takes time.  Its more than the interview and hiring process though.  I mean, the average time it takes us to fill a vacant position in my department is almost two months.  That is a combination of all of the approvals we have to receive just to fill a vacant position, plus the interviewing and on boarding steps.  Then, there is the training.  Sometimes I think people believe that once we get those bodies in the seats, all is well.  But it isn’t.  It still takes four to six months to get someone up to speed due to the work we do.  And until they have passed all of their comps, myself and the evening shift supervisor end up covering a lot of gaps.

Today, I am on day four of one of the worst weeks I have ever had at work.  After being woken up super early on Thursday morning to deal with some issues, I still had to go into the office for part of the day on Thursday for some meetings before turning around and working the night shift Thursday night.  I had to go back in Friday night and then double back for evening shift yesterday.  I will wrap up with an evening shift today and then, thankfully, will be able to sleep in tomorrow.

Its hard on the body.  I have had three occasions over the past month where I have had to work a night shift and then double back for an evening shift and honestly, those just kill me and jack up my sleep schedule for several weeks.

I hear from a lot of people how these work schedules are illegal according to labor laws and you know what, they are.  There’s one problem though.  My job description requires on call work and when on call work is required for your job, those labor laws go out the window.

I do have some approved time off this week.  It won’t be all rest.  I have some doctors appointments I need to go to, but I will be off the weekend…and off call.  I will certainly be turning my phone off so that work can’t reach me.  The fatigue has already lead to me getting sick and I really need the time to recharge myself.

Who knows.  Maybe I can sneak down to the beach or the river for an afternoon.  Some time by the water would be really good for me right now.

I have been asking myself one very important question though that I will touch on in another post…  I do have to wonder how much all of this stress and lost sleep at work is impacting my transition and the physical changes to my body?

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What I’m Wearing
RunAway Hair – Zoe Hair [@ FaMESHed]
ViSion – Zeta Bikini Top & Bottom [Black & Fatpack EXCLUSIVE at Black Fair Monthly. Other colors available at the Mainstore.]

Body – Maitreya – Lara
Head – LeLutka – Korina
Shape – Custom
Skin – Glam Affair – Renee 08

Diversion – Beachin’ 4

Amitie Poses
Boat Days Full Pack

“Holidays in Capri”

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