When Friends Get Together

N518 When Friends Get Together Blog

One of the things I miss in RL is getting to spend quality time with my RL friends.

None of us have been avoiding one another.  Most of my freinds in RL are doctors, nurses, firefighters, medics and police officers.  Because of that, they all work really crazy schedules which makes getting together really hard sometimes.  My other RL friends…are married with kids, which brings its own challenges with getting together.

Hopefully, before the summer is done, we will be able to enjoy a lazy day in a setting much like this.  I know I’m ready for it.  Some cool frosty drinks, good music and great company.

What better way to enjoy the summer… ♥

See it on Flickr.

Retro Car Radio [Brown]

Driftwood HAMMOCK

Apple Fall
Design Books

Arlette decorative picnic basket

01. SAL. House. RARE

Fancy Decor
Bradley Magazine
Grantaire Magazine

Beach Party Pointers 7. Suit Companion Pup
Beach Party Pointers 14. Spot Brown Held

Junk Food
Hard Lemonade
Hard Lemonade Bottle
Heinie Beer Cauldron
Naugty Bluedazzle

[Merak] Summer In The Caribbean Set [@ Summerfest]
Beach Essentials
Beach Shells Torch
Folding Wood Chair Type A
Folding Wood Chair Type B
Old Rowboat Blue (without sand)

Beach Mat Decor
Beach Mat Rolled
Books clutter
Closed Umbrella TypeA
Little Wicker Table

Rattan Tote Carry, Light Blue

.peaches. – Bohemian Retreat Set [@ FaMESHed]
Phaedra’s Bohemian Retreat – Chair w/ Blanket
Phaedra’s Bohemian Retreat – Fire Pit

My Sunshine Beach Parisol – Drift Wood
My Sunshine Lounge

artsy books

summertime fruit platter.

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