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I won’t lie…when I got home last night, I opened a bottle of wine and let the vino relax my mind.  My brain needed it.  I needed it…

Yesterday afternoon, I went to meet with a plastic surgeon to just get an idea of what procedures she thinks might be beneficial to help me pass successfully as I transition.  I mean…I’m not horribly disgusted or anything with how things are “shaping up” on the hormones alone.  But there are certainly features which aren’t coming together like I had hoped.  A lot of that has to do with age.  Its a fact that the younger you are when you begin HRT the more your body responds to the hormones.  And I admit, for me, I’m not panicked about my face…but my breasts have stopped growing and yes, I want proportional boobs! lol

So the doctor I met with, I had scheduled the appointment primarily to discuss breast implants.  Nothing outrageous.  I would just like to have a full B or C cup when all is said and done.  And I’ll be honest…would love a little more hips and ass.  What can I say…I want proportional curves!

The doctor I met with is AMAZING!!! She works primarily with kids…cranial birth defects, reconstructive surgery following major trauma and transgender youth, but she also does a fair amount of work with adult transgender patients seeking breast implants and the bone work that is part of facial feminization.  So while I went to consult with her only about breast implants and we ended up talking about EVERYTHING.  We talked about facial feminizaton, breast implants, butt, hips, etc, etc.

I walked out of there with a ton of information to think about.

One thing that was really nice, in addition to all the information she gave me, was that she shared with me some tricks to save on money.  With me working at a teaching hospital, if I am willing to let a senior resident do some of my surgeries, I could save thousands of dollars there.  Additionally, if I am willing to “lump” procedures together, I can save thousands of dollars there as well.  She informed me that they will often group procedures together to try and get whatever they can done within a six hour window so that you are only paying for certain costs once, versus paying them for each individual procedure, one at a time.

Its nice to see a doctor who is willing to share this sort of information with you.  Not many will.  But then, that is one of the advantages of getting your health care at an academic medical center.  The goal there is to provide the best care possible.  Not that they and the hospital don’t want to make money…but between needing to teach the residents and ensure they are providing the best care possible to the whole community…they will often steer people to steps to help make quality care much more accessible.

I’ve got a lot to think about over the next week or two.  Its not just what procedures I want to see about having done.  Its also which techniques and styles I want to go with.  My brain felt like mush when I left her office.  I really was in information overload and it takes A LOT to get my mind feeling overwhelmed when it comes to my transition.

So last night, yeah…when I got home, I went straight to the wine rack and opened a nice bottle of wine to relax my brain.

I think I am going to need more too as I sort through this list of everything I need to consider.  Anyone want to come help me sort through this over a few bottles?

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Foxcity – Juice 7 (Right Shoulder & Hand Adjustment with Animare)

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