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Not much to write about tonight.  Still working a lot from last week through my head which I need to do before I can get it all out here.

I will say though that this…this right here would be my dream.  A small, simple house on the water…with a beautiful sailboat to spend time on the water.  Sailing and flying are two of my passions…which I almost never get to experience.

But keep the house simple.  Make it a little place I can hide and recharge.

This would be a dream. ♥

See it on Flickr.

Amitie Poses [@ Uber]
Hanging Sofa (Poses Installed)

Bandit 60
60 Cradle

Cube Republic
Cattails Cluster 12

DaD [@ Uber]
“Beachy Cabin”

long sheer curtains

Fancy Decor
Hampton Fire Pit

Little Branch

Beach Rocks (w/anims) RARE
Coastal Couch (Monotone) [@ FaMESHed]
Old Rowboat Blue (without sand)
Shell Pillow Pink [@ FaMESHed]
Shell Pillow White [@ FaMESHed]
Summer Beach Rocks (w/towels)

Anchors Aweigh Beach Chair
Phaedra’s Bohemian Retreat – Fire Pit [@ FaMESHed]

beach deck

gazebo curtains

Stone Steps

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