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So I do have to wonder…have I just been lucky to keep more of my sex drive than others?

When I started HRT, my doctor warned me that one of the possible side effects of HRT was a reduced sex drive.  All the research I had read said the same thing.  And one thing I hear from so many transitioning M2F is that they lose their sex drive.

Based on that information, I am either really lucky or just a freak of nature.

Now, I think its important to say that my sex drive is very different than it was when I started this journey.  I want more cuddling and soft, intimate touching and kissing than I used to.  I want the build up.  I want the foreplay.  And yes…I want the sex too.

Maybe its been different for me because I truly expected my sex drive to change.  Maybe I envisioned it changing differently than others have.  I will say one significant change for me is that my sex drive used to control me a great deal.  Now, I have much more control over my sex drive.  I am also much more turned on by words and touch now…not sight.  Men are so visually oriented and we women just…well…aren’t.  Its about the touch, the smells, the soft sounds and the like.

I’ll be honest.  I miss all of those little things.  Kiss, cuddling and touching.  I miss sex too.  But I don’t miss them in the way I used to and most days, while I miss it…I am also ok without it.  I don’t know if that makes much sense or not.  I kind of feel like I’m babbling a bit.

As I said on my first post for X, I think its important that people like myself be seen as the sensual and sexual creatures we are.  I don’t mean that in saying we are freaks or deviants.  I mean, we all have our own unique and healthy desires.  We sex a healthy and consensual sex life.  Well, I know I do.

I often joke with my friends that when I start dating again, I am liable to put my first significant other in the emergency room.  I mean, I won’t be sleeping around…that’s for certain.  But when I feel safe enough with someone to allow my passions and desires out…

It’s gonna be explosive. 😉

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What I’m Wearing
[Aleutia] – Jenna Open Sweater [@ FaMESHed X]
Stealthic – Ascension

Body – Maitreya – Lara
Head – LeLutka – Korina
Shape – Custom
Skin – Glam Affair – Renee 08

[ west end ] – Bombis – P01 & P01M

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