If I Can Picture It In My Mind, I Can Be There

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I was talking with a friend the other day about how to remain positive and focused.  They have had their struggles in life and when things get hard, they can find it very difficult to pull themselves out of that down place.  They asked me what I did to help keep my spirits up.

I think I have talked about my gratitude lists before.  Those a big thing for me.  But I am also big on mementos.  When I shared the fact that mementos are a big thing for me, I had to take a little time to explain.

If you ever visit my home, you will find that I have a lot of pictures, nick nacks and little odd things scattered around my home.  Its not to the point of being cluttered, so don’t think pack rat.  But it is enough so that every time I look somewhere in my home, I have a really fond memory to think of.  Here are some examples.

When you walk into my house, I have an antique secretary desk in the entryway.  On top of it, there are two amber glass dishes, along with a few other items.  All three of these items belonged to my grandparents and were at our family farm.  I know I have written about the farm here before.  It was a place filled with so many wonderful memories of family gatherings and celebrations.

In my bedroom, both of my bedside table lamps are glass and the bases are hollow.  I decided to do something unique with them.  They both are about 3/4 filled with sand and seashells.  One of them has sand and shells from the Outer Banks of North Carolina and the other has sand and shells from Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina.  Those have been two of my favorite vacation spots over the course of my life.

In my living room, I have a somewhat tacky Japanese lamp.  It doesn’t really fit with most of my other furniture, but I leave it where it is.  Why?  I purchased the lamp in 2000 when I went to visit my brother while he was based in Japan.  That and the walking stick I used when we climbed Mt. Fuji help to remind me of that trip, all the good times I had with my brother and the fact that he is always with me.

There is also the desk ornament I have put on my dresser that a dear friend gave me.  She gave it to me shortly after I disclosed to her.  It helps me remember that I have friends who love and support me in my transition.

There are other items like these scattered around the house.  Every room has two to three of these sentimental items.  When I struggle, I will look at or hold them, if they are smaller, and let my mind go back to a place of happier times.  In many cases, I will just close my eyes and imagine being in the place that those items symbolize.  When I do this, I can often find myself experiencing those emotions again.  I can remember joy, happiness, feelings of safety and serenity.  When I am struggling, being able to tap into those feelings from the past is a wonderful way to help remind me that struggles never last forever and that there are better times ahead.

I suspect everyone has these sorts of items around their homes.  But what are they used for?  Are you able to tap into them when you are struggling by remembering the emotions?  Or are they there just to fill a space.

Everyone needs a little extra motivation every now and then.  We all struggle.  Different things work for different people as well.  Who knows…maybe this is an idea that would work for you?

See it on Flickr.

Soap Accessories -Blue
Towel Set -Purple

Apple Fall
Books & Map
Cosmos Flowers – Pink
Cosmos Flowers – Red
Handbag & Scarf
Nectarines w/ Basket
Worn Luggage Bag

DaD [@ Uber]
“Mandarin Spa Magnolia arrangement” c/m
“Mandarin Spa Massage table” PG v.1.0 c/m
“Mandarin Spa small table A” c/m
“Mandarin Spa Towel Basket” c/m

dust bunny
book pile
hanging plants . cheese plant
hanging plants . double planter
hanging plants . ivy planter
hanging plants . spider planter
pilea peper plant
pink medinilla plant
spotted begonia

long sheer curtains

[Merak] Peacock Bed [@ Uber]
Green Leaves
Peacock Headboard -Type A

[Merak] Maria’s Collectibles [@ Anthem]
Blankets Stack
Book Stack Lantern
Book Stack w/Lemon Candle
Jug with Wheat
Maria Cabinet (transparent doors)
Rolled Blanket
Rustic Clay Pots

{moss&mink} [@ Uber]
Vivienne Roses Vase

Bachelor Bag Brown

Scarlet Creative
Oceania Beach House 0.4

Super long Hanging Hedera

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