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I’ve always been mystified by the power of the sea.  For all the talk about destructive forces and absolutely peaceful places in the world, the ocean tends to be the one place that falls into both categories to create this perfect blend of Yin and Yang.

I mean, think about it.  What on the planet, short of some cosmic disaster, is going to take out the ocean?  Land mass can’t.  Cold can’t.  Heat can’t.  The ocean is a constant.  It is a place that brings serenity, beauty and healing…while also bringing destruction, reshaping and, at times, even death.  It is one of the single most powerful things shaping our planet.

Just look at the power of the ocean and all it has done.  It has shaped and continues to shape coastlines.  It slowly, methodically and magically tears away at mountains, rocks and earth.  It transports dirt, sand and who knows what else from one part of the planet to another.  I will always remember when I was a kid and Daddy took me to the aquarium at the Outer Banks.  They had this display that showed how the Outer Banks were originally formed and how they are slowly being destroy over hundreds of years by the ocean…only to be reformed in a new shape and location as the ocean works to reshape the North Carolina coastline and create something new.

By this point, you are probably asking why all of this has come to mind for me?  Where am I going with this analogy?  Possibly even asking if I’m not a little crazy.

I had something happen to me this weekend.  Something that, while I shouldn’t let it get to me too much, certain parts of the event have.  The parts that got to me stirred up anger and frustration…which is something that I have to deal with on my own.  But the events and dealing with the anger and frustration have also had me thinking about change…change in the world.  Specifically, its had me thinking a great deal about double standards and how the world is changing, though slowly at times, for the better for individuals like myself and others who fall outside of the “norm.”

The change is happening slowly because so many of use choose to be like the ocean…steadfast in our beliefs of equality and fairness.  Many of us choose to promote change by finding the perfect balance of when to be the force of nature and impact the world in a major way, much like a tsunami by forcing others to rethink their way of thinking, and when to shower the world with a peaceful yet still transformative presence that impacts others and gives a sense of peace and love that is impossible to ignore.  We know when to step back and show love, which is so impactful , and when to raise our voices in the ways we can do most the good.  And, like the ocean, we do it with a resolve that is ever present and never stopping in our goal of reshaping hearts and opinions.

Those who try to stop positive change are like the rocks.  Standing there, appearing strong as they voice their opposition to change.  They see the water break around them at times and they believe they are an impossible force as they fight to maintain the status quo.  They appear to be able to withstand the power of the sea and many assume they will forever alter the direction of the waves and tides.

The irony of it all though is this.  Every time a wave hits that rock, a few specs of its tough exterior are stripped away.  With each crash of the water, part of that rock is broken away and transported somewhere else, enveloped in the sea.  With each new tide, the rock grows a bit smaller and has less force and presence…until it is worn away and silenced by the ocean.

My hope is to be like the ocean.  My hope is to know when to show the force of the tsunami and when to calmly be persistent in applying gentle force to enact change…and do so in a way that helps to bring peace to the world, even amidst the chaos.

As I continue to think on the events of this past weekend, I think about double standards held over one group as compared to another.  I think about those who believe that one good act discounts other cruel acts.  I think about how I want to respond to these things.  And as I talk to the people who’s opinions matter most…those who not only congratulate and cheer me on in what I am trying to do…but also those who will call me out on my shortcomings to help me correct myself…I am reminded that the world is changing for the better.  I am reminded that there is far more acceptance now for individuals like myself than there ever has been.  The love and power of these people who I am blessed enough to call my friends is helping change the world.  Each of them, as well as each of you, is a wave of change wearing away at those who would chose to discriminate against any group of people.

And you all do it with a soft, peaceful yet powerful love of all things good.

I’ve thought a lot about all of this as I have talked with friends over the past few days about those events.  I remember when I first wanted to start transitioning ten years ago how there wasn’t as much acceptance as there is now.  Ten years ago, things I share where people look at me and ask me what someone else’s problem is…those are things most didn’t see as a problem then.  But now, things have changed.  There is more love and acceptance.  There is less tolerance for cruelty, double standards and discriminatory behavior.

Thank you to all of you who are shaping the world in this way.  Thank you for being the ocean I turn to for peace and comfort.  ♥

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