Summer Breeze

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I could truly use a few days of enjoying the summer.

Right now is pretty chaotic for me…even more chaotic than normal.  I am in the midst of 13 straight days of work and, as tends to be the case with me, my hours are all over the map.  Thankfully it doesn’t look like any night shifts are on the horizon…but I am getting home from work late enough in the evening some days that…well…  I’m surprised I am able to sleep at night.

It didn’t really hit me until today how I have truly just missed out on this summer.

I had hoped to get up to the Philly to see my sister this month.  We had talked about me coming up when we spoke a few weeks ago.  We caught up this morning on the phone because both of our schedules have been so insane that we haven’t been able to catch each.  And when we looked at the calendar as we were talking, I realized how little I have done this summer thanks to work.

I mean…since I got back from the Baltimore Jam, I have only been out to dinner with friends twice.  Once in early May and once in early June.  I’ve barely grilled out.  My friends and I haven’t been able to get together for our regular nights out by the fire pit.  We haven’t done any girls’ movie nights.  No trips to the lake and no trips to the beach.

As I thought about how this summer has panned out, I realized how depressing the whole thought is.

I am crossing my fingers that fall will be better.  And thankfully, fall is my favorite season.  I am trying to plan some time off in mid to late September.  Nothing fancy.  That will just be a staycation and trying to do a little more shopping to present for full time.  I may take a day off here and there too…just something to help keep the batteries charged until I take the time off for my surgeries and prepping for presentation.

Oh!  On that topic of time off before returning to work… I spoke with my friend who owns the beach house in the Outer Banks.  I told her what I was planning to do and how I was hoping I could use her beach house.  She gave me the list of dates she and her family will be there and then said, “Any other time…the house is all yours.  Get down there and enjoy being you every day.  What a great place to truly begin your new life of being you every minute of every day.”

I WILL find a way to make this fall something special and truly enjoy being me.  I’ve missed this summer.  I’m not missing another season.

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What I’m Wearing
Agave – Solaris Dress [@ The Liaison Collaborative]
Argrace – Saki
Cae – Love Me Know Necklace and Earrings

Body – Maitreya – Lara
Head – LeLutka – Korina
Shape – Custom
Skin – Glam Affair – Cassy

Foxcity – Steamy 1m (Head adjustment with leLutka Axis HUD)

[Cinoe][@ The Liaison Collaborative]
Wine bottle

Fancy Decor
Merlot Wine Glass

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