Leave It In The Mudroom

N553 The Mud Room

About two years ago, I went up to Philly to visit my sister.  One of the plans for that trip was to help her pack up a large portion of their house as they were getting ready to remodel it.  One of the things they were doing was adding a mudroom coming into the house.  I believe my sister was hoping that might help keep all of them, especially my nephew, from tracking dirt all through the house and just dropping whatever they had in their arms in the middle of the kitchen.

I can see the purpose of a mudroom.  Its a great place to kind of unload everything when you walk into your home.  A place to drop all of the extra things you have been carrying.  Maybe even organize things a little bit to make it easier when you head out the door the next time.  I have an entryway, not a true mudroom, in my house and that’s pretty much what I use it for.

I feel like I need to do this more with my emotions and stresses of the day.  By that, I mean I need to use my entryway as a place to just unload the emotions of the day.  I need to try to leave them at the door so that my home truly does become my respite from the worries of work, society’s pressure and expectations and make that area of my home a place to just decompress so I can relax more at home.

I’m not the best at always leaving those worries behind.  Sadly, when I walk into my house most nights after work, my brain is still flooded with worries about work, transition, family, friends, finances, etc.  All of those adult worries that so many of us carry around with us each day (except for the transition part, of course).  I feel like when I walk into my home, the place that should rejuvenate me, I carry all of that negative emotional energy still and as I try to relax, it just sits with me and leads to me struggling to decompress.

Now I know some of that is completely unavoidable.  I know I have to worry about keeping my house up.  I have to worry about my pup and his health.  I have to worry some about finances to ensure I can pay my monthly bills and pay for my transition.  I also know that some of those worries are out of my control.  For example, with me being on call for work every other week, I know I have no control over whether or not work calls me and needs me to do something.

But I do need to find a way to leave more of my worries and concerns at the door.  I shouldn’t be going to bed at night feeling the stress in my shoulders.  I shouldn’t lose sleep because I can’t seem to let those concerns, or as many as possible, stay at the door of my home.  None of us should.

I want to try an experiment over the next few weeks and maybe some of you can hold me accountable.

I want to see what happens if I take a moment when I walk into my home to just stop in the entryway, do some deep breathing and try to coach myself into leaving as much stress at the doorway as possible.  I want to see if this will help me to enjoy my evenings more.  Maybe it will lead to more restful sleep for me.  I am hoping it might even help me focus a bit more as my ADHD seems to be in overdrive lately.

So what are your thoughts?  Do any of you have any ideas on how to let go of some of those stresses when you walk into your homes?

This is something I really want to try to do in a deliberate manner over the next few months.  As my full time presentation gets closer and the stress from that increases, I want to make sure that I have a way to leave the worries and concerns of that part of my life at the door of my home.

I mean, really.  Shouldn’t my home be the one place I feel safe from all the anxieties of showing the world the real me?

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Fenwin Sidetable – White

beach bag I
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