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I know I have written before about the need to have a little place to escape to and relax.  I am finding the need for that more both the older I get and the further along I go in transition.

My bedroom has always been a sanctuary for me.  I keep a lot of distractions out of there so that I can rest my mind and body there.  For example, when I was in school, I never did any school work in my bedroom.  I didn’t want that kind of weight on my mind when I was trying to sleep.  I mean, I was already worrying enough about things when I would go to bed.  I certainly didn’t want to add anything to the mix.

Lately, my bathroom has become its own little sanctuary as well.

For a while, I had neglected my need for a cozy bathroom where I could relax, recharge and just soak my stresses away.  I have been working to fix that.  One of my friends, she and I talk a great deal about the importance of soaking baths, a great bubble bath, a glass of wine…and a little dark chocolate thrown in for good measure.  And you know what, she’s been right as she has encouraged me to do those little things for myself more.  I have needed them.

Its hard enough to find time to relax as we are running around “adulting” all the time.  With as crazy as things have been at work, I was finding it easy to put off these little luxuries for a dozen other things.  But as the craziness at the office continues, I am finding I need them more and more.  So, with her reminding me how important they are, I have been working to make my bathroom as relaxation friendly as I can.  Candles, bath salts, potpourri…whatever I can find to make it more of a haven so that, at lest a few days a week, I can sneak in there with a glass of wine and great music, and just let the worries of life drift away for an hour.

With all the craziness that goes on in our lives…don’t we all deserve that little escape?

See it on Flickr.

ACORN – Bestill Bathroom [@ The Arcade]
03. Bestill Wall Mirror -Sea
04. Bestill Curtain & Rail RARE
05. Bestill Vintage Bathtub RARE
06. Bestill Bath Mat -Sky
10. Bestill Clothes Hamper -Silver
12. Bestill Hanging Towel -Sea
16. Bestill Bathroom Stool -Sea
19. Bestill Folded Towels -Sea
22. Bestill Vanity & Basin -Sea
24. Bestill Bath Salts -Blush

dust bunny
hanging plants . cheese plant
hanging plants . double planter
hanging plants . spider planter
potted rubber tree

bathrobe white
color change tulips
glass with toothbrushes
hairbrush and comb
long sheer curtains
make up clutter
vase with 2 color change tulips

La Galleria
Pair Seashell Pictures C/M

Dacha Crumpled Towel
Dacha Shower Necessities

Juniper Bathroom Set – FULL Beach

LAKEVIEW House / Sunroom V1.0

Super long Hanging Hedera

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