The View From Above Can Enhance Or Distort Perspective

N576 The View From Above Can Add Or Distort Perspective Blog

Looking down on the word from an elevated perspective can truly change your view of life and the world around you.

I still remember the first time I went flying in an airplane.  My brother had just gotten his pilot’s license and took me on his first flight as a licensed pilot.  I remember looking down on the ground and seeing all of the fine details disappearing as we climbed and things on the ground started to shrink away.  It was in that moment, as a 16 year old kid, that my view of the world really started to change.

I have been reminded of that experience multiple times.  When I climbed Mt. Fuji, when anytime I go flying or when I travel and visit the upper floors of skyscrapers.  In all of those moments, I will look down at the world around me and my view of the world will shift.

Lately, as things have been swirling around like crazy in my real life, I am trying to remember those moments.  Between work, transitioning and everything with Dozer, I have lost sight of some things in life.  Not that the details don’t need to be focused on…but I have been doing that so intently that I forgetting about the bigger picture.  For lack of words, I have been struggling to see the forest through the trees.  I need to get that focus back.

Having said that, I am going to wrap up quickly today.  After the events of this past weekend with my pup, I want to give him some extra love before work today.  With him having improved as much as he has…I don’t want to miss those extra moments with him.

Right now, remembering those moments of looking down on the world from above, I am reminded that the world will go about its business no matter what is going on with me.  So, knowing that, I want to steal a few of those extra moments that are special to me and the rest of the world may not see.

Shouldn’t we all do that? ♥

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