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Its weird.  I love Halloween.  I really do.  I look forward to it even more now that I am showing the world the real me.

One thing that I find so funny about Halloween is that you can go dressed as whoever you want to be and, unless you pick a costume that is grossly discriminatory, no one cares!  There were many Halloweens in my past where I would go dressed in a feminine outfit and no one ever flinched.  It was normal and accepted…for one day out of the year.

Any other day…I risked being assaulted, bullied or worse for simply choosing to wear clothing which society deems as being appropriate for the sex opposite that which I was assigned at birth.

Pushing that aside though, Halloween is a wonderful time for us all to let that dark side out.  We get to wear what we want to.  We can show the world a creative side of ourselves they may not regularly see.  We get to be different.  We can indulge a fantasy.  We can show the world that goth or bubbly side of ourselves.  We get to be free from the standards of society for one holiday.

How liberating that must be for so many who feel confined by the standards of society.

We all have that desire to show some different side of ourselves during this time of the year.  Dig into that dark recess of your mind that few see and let it out.  Show the world that “shadow” side of yourself.

And maybe, if your lucky, it will also help liberate a part of yourself…the way it did for me.

See it on Flickr.

BALACLAVA!! [@ Salem]
Woman In White – Liv

DaD – Spooktacular Steampunk Gacha [@ The Arcade]
01 Spooktacular Steampunk- Pumpkin Pot
02 Spooktacular Steampunk- Coffee Table m/c
03 Spooktacular Steampunk- Happy Pumpkin m/c
04 Spooktacular Steampunk- Shy Pumpkin m/c
05 Spooktacular Steampunk- Evil Pumpkin m/c
07 Spooktacular Steampunk- Pumpkin cup oxide m/c
08 Spooktacular Steampunk- Skull Lamp Frame m/c
09 Spooktacular Steampunk- Candelabra m/c
10 Spooktacular Steampunk- Spiders with book m/c
11 Spooktacular Steampunk- Mister Skull m/c
12 Spooktacular Steampunk- Miss Skull m/c

Spellbound / Single Cauldron / Red

[Merak] – Arcade Halloween Pack [@ The Arcade]
Belongings Stand
Books Stack
Cooking Potion
Cooking Table
Floating Pages
Potion Book Instructions
Potion Cabinet
Pumpkin Potion Cauldron

[Merak] – Witch’s Entrance [@ Anthem]
Hanging Cloak (A)
Hanging Cloak (B)
Hermione’s Broom
Magic Dress form
Matilda’s Broom
Sabrina’s Broom
Witch’s Shoes

(Milk Motion)
The cistern – 36*56m- 110 li

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  1. Amy Juneau says:

    beautiful pic….I ❤️ Halloween too…it was always total freedom for 1 night in the year to walk the streets with normal people who didn’t suspect a thing.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. And that is such a gift to be able to have that opportunity. Hopefully, we can all have the freedom on any given day soon. ♥


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