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Ever since I saw The Crow for the first time, this line has stuck in my mind…”It can’t rain all the time.”  Funny thing is…I had actually forgotten about this line and what it has meant to me recently.

I have had some difficult things happening in my RL as of late.  Some of the things I have discussed here recently…the quote on the surgery I was hoping for, the continued crazy hours at work, things with Dozer, etc.  There have been some other big RL things that hit recently, things I believe I eluded to in my last post, that I am not really ready or willing to discuss in an open forum like this.  With all of these things kind of coming back to back to back, I was starting to feel like I would never catch a break in the near future.

Thankfully, I had a couple of reminders over the past couple of days that the breaks, relief and better times are there.

I mentioned in my previous post that my vacation was finally approved with the promise that I would be left alone for a week.  That was a huge relief for me.

The second reminder came via a truly chaotic day day yesterday.

As dependent as we all are on technology in today’s world, its so easy to forget this fact…at least until we lose our access to technology.  At work yesterday, I was scheduled to work a short day because, as usual, my schedule is anything but normal.  I was just about 30 minutes from leaving and wrapping up one project I had to get done for the day when I received a rather ominous message in line of work…we had a failure of the majority of our internet/network services and we were opening up our command center.

My organization is heavily dependent upon technology.  I know every organization is now…but in health care, losing technology can have disastrous consequences.  As we, the organization came together, in the command center…I was assigned my role as the Liaison Officer for the event and I got down to doing what needed to be done and working with the rest of the team in the room…and my team in my department…to make sure we addressed everything.

As often as I have done these sorts of things, both in real emergencies and in drills, I learned a long time ago that no matter what, no two incidents are the same.  Every single one is different.  That makes it especially important to remember that you are not alone in these operations.  You have friends and peers you can lean on to help get you through the situation.  For example, at one point, the Incident Commander gave me a fairly extensive list of things I needed to do.  The Information Officer, who was seated next to me, grabbed a few things sitting in my tasks lists, looked through them and took what she good saying to me, “These are things either of us can.  I’ve got this…you focus on the more urgent needs”

It was support and team work like this that helped our organization get through this event with minimal impact on the patients we care for.  The biggest concern that developed through this event wasn’t whether or not each patient received the best care possible…because they did.  It was just delays on the non-urgent needs as we shifted all of our focus to making sure we addressed the most critically needed actions first.

At the end of the event, we were all tired as we were all staying much later than normal.  But we all had that feeling of accomplishment that we had overcome something massive…together.  And, as our services came back online, we were reminded on the true importance of working as a team and not isolating ourselves to our individual areas and departments.

Sometimes, it takes a crisis to remind us that things will get better.  Not that I would wish for the crisis…never in a million years!  But those crisis situations, and getting through them well, reminds us of what we are capable of overcoming.  It reminds us of the need to reach out for support.  It reminds us that if we all work together, and focus on the bigger picture and not our own little bubble, that we can conquer anything together.

So yeah…yesterday was nothing but chaos and I was utterly exhausted with I got home from work.  But you know what?  I had that great reminder…

“It can’t rain all the time…”

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