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So yeah…I am on a total pet kick this month.  I think a lot of it stems from the scare with Dozer a few weeks ago…but I’m rolling with it because, well…I love my baby boy.

When I first moved to my current place, I used to take Dozer to one of the local state parks.  We would go for long walks along the James River and just enjoy nature.  Granted, it usually ended up being more time standing around while he sniffed every single plant along the trail…but it was nice.

With vacation starting on Tuesday, I have a lot I need to do…both SL and RL.  I have a lot of blogging I want, and well need, to get done.  I also have a bunch of stuff that has to be done in RL.  While I am not a slob in RL, my home is all but a disaster area right now.  With all of the nights shifts and doubling back from nights to evenings I have done of the past three months…I just have not been good about putting things away.  As I told a friend the other day…the bathrooms and kitchen are SPOTLESS…  But we won’t talk about the pile of laundry on the guest room bed, the pile of jackets on my chair and half in the den or the random stuff that currently covers my dining room table.

Its the kind of thing that makes it hard to walk into you house and feel like you can relax.  So those a big priorities for me to get straight while on vacation.

I also need to give my yard some serious attention.  We had a lot of bad storms this summer and I lost a lot of limbs in those storms.  I need to get those up and also get dirty and pull up some of the Japanese Ivy that is overtaking my back yard.  And then…the leaves.  Soooooooooo many leaves I need to get cleaned up and bagged.  So needless to say, the vacation won’t be all relaxation but I do believe it will all help me to relax when I am come home from work following vacation.

I do plan to take some time to relax over vacation too though.  I already plan to get my nails done after work on Monday since I will have a full week of being the real me.  Hair appointment is scheduled for Tuesday.  I’ll have drinks with a friend on Wednesday…which will turn into a total gossip session about things at work.

I also plan to make some special time for Dozer and I.

I don’t think he can handle the walks we used to take.  He has been a little unsteady on his feet this past week and I don’t want to push him.  But there are some beautiful places at the parks along the James where we could have a picnic.  Now, I am sure he will be all up in my face when I try to eat.  I mean, what dog doesn’t choose to be all in your face for human food instead of eating their own food?  Chances are he will tackle me to the ground for my plate. lol

But it will be nice.  Thinking about the fact that he won’t be around a lot longer has me wanting to make sure we do some of these extra things together.

Also, with some of my anxiety about going out as the “real me,” it will help ease some of my fears having him there with me.  While yes, I do go out as me…in a busy grocery store or the mall, I don’t feel quite as worried because there are lots of people around if, heaven forbid, something bad were to happen or I was threatened.  I want to be able to go to the parks and what not around here without fear.  Having him with me for a trip to the park will help me work through some of these fears of going to places that aren’t quite as…busy.

So in the end, I see it as a win-win for both of us. ♥

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What I’m Wearing
Blueberry – Pia Combat Boots
Cae – Trinket Necklace Long
Stealthic – Avela
Tetra – Idyllic Bodysuit & Pants [@ Collabor88]

Body – Maitreya – Lara
Head – LeLutka – Korina
Shape – Custom
Skin – Glam Affair – Cassy

SVP – Lleukal Pack [@ Pose Fair]

Arlette decorative cheese platter
Arlette decorative picnic basket
Arlette picnic blanket

Leaves Photo Set 4

Weimaraner Dog Lying – Mesh – Full Perm

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  1. Katie McKenzie says:

    Sounds like you’re ready to put some work into vacation so that it will have longer-term positive effects. Good for you, Sweetie! Miss you ♥

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Working on it, girl! One day at a time. Miss you! ♥

      Liked by 1 person

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