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Words carry immense power.  They carry the power to hurt, to heal, to support, to destroy.  And when used properly, they also have the power to educate and raise awareness.

It’s no secret that one of my goals with this blog is to help educate others that transgender individuals aren’t all that different from everyone else.  I mean, yes…we deal with all of the differences with our bodies but emotionally, we all want the same thing.  To be accepted.  To feel loved.  To feel safe.  These are all pretty basic human desires and everyone craves these things.

Sometimes its a struggle to explain to someone what a transgender person goes through on a daily basis.  Its hard.  How do you explain being so dysphoric in your own body to someone who has never experienced anything like that.  I have struggled for years to explain to people how out of sorts I am with my body on a daily basis…even since starting HRT.  People think that when I am discussing surgeries, its about vanity.  People in my HR office, as I fight to have our benefits changed for transgender care, look at me like I am flipping crazy for arguing that more gender affirming surgeries should be covered under our insurance plan.  I struggle, not just with others but also within my own head, to explain it all to people.

And then, someone comes along and nails it.

I don’t know how many of you are familiar with Dash Bloodmoon.  He is both an amazing friend and an incredible blogger.  He was one of those who’s support was so critical for me when I disclosed and as I have struggled at various points on my journey.

He is also a transgender man.

One of the many things I love about Dash is that he is so open about his journey too.  In some ways, Dash can be more open than I can.  Or maybe it is just the way he shares his story…I don’t know…maybe I am too clinical and Dash is just blunt.  All I know is Dash has an amazing way of expressing himself in a way that really grabs people’s attention.

For example…

The other day on Facebook, Dash wrote thid amazing post about what its like for him to be a transgender man.  In this post, he basically described what he had gone through during the first few hours of his day.  He talked about binding parts of his body.  He discussed how he wishes certain things were gone and certain things were present.  He talked about things as simple as using the bathroom.  It was, for lack of better words, a simple but very blunt and powerful post.

I mean, even for as much as Dash and I have talked about our journeys, what he shared in his post caught my attention and literally brought me to tears.

But its true.  Everything he said in his post is true for him.  He and I have discussed most of what he talks about in there.  And if you just flip things around…where what he wishes he had…I wish it to be gone.  Where he wishes something gone…I wish it was there.  If I could, I would swap bodies with him in a heartbeat so he and I could each feel normal in our day to day lives.

And I know for me, reading his post that day, I was so grateful to see someone put it all out there so simply…and to then receive so much amazing support.

Even though I am transitioning myself, Dash’s post was so impactful for me personally.  I cried reading it that day.  I cried for Dash.  I cried for myself.  I cried for this shared empathy he and I have for each other’s journey.  I also cried for everyone else going through the same struggles Dash and I do just trying to feel normal and accepted within our own bodies.

I will say that if you don’t follow Dash’s blog, you should.  You should also follow his Facebook feed.  Dash doesn’t write in his blog like I do but he is incredibly open about his journey on his Facebook page.  When he posts about his struggles, he is raw and honest…something the world needs more of.  And he has experienced so much support as he has shared and disclosed.

And for me, its been an honor to be his friend and to have him as my friend.  I hope I have given him as much support as he has given me.  And I am even happier to see him surrounded by so many people who adore him and value him as the man he is.

My friend, thank you for your post.  Thank you for summarizing things in a way I have struggled to do.  Thank you for supporting me on my own journey for so long now.  And thank you for trusting me when it was time for you to begin yours.

Most of all, thank you for being you and being such an example of just a good, honest man.

Make sure to check out Dash’s Flickr.  And follow him and his blog on Facebook.

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