When Vacations End

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Vacation over!  Time to get back to work!

In all honesty, I’m glad to be back to work.  My 2 weeks off from blogging was nice, but near the end of the 2 weeks, I will looking for excuses to take pictures.  I guess when you love doing something, it sneaks in even on holiday.

I will say the break was good for me though.  I had some things to take care of in RL and this vacation let me focus on though.  Good thing since those were priority things in my life.  And on an even more positive note, a couple of the things I really had to focus on have had positive outcomes.  I needed that as the stress from it all was truly weighing on me.  I still have some RL things I need to put some energy into…but I am in a much better place to do that now than I was two weeks ago.

I will admit too that I found some energy to get out and explore the grid some.  For those of us who blog, its so easy to get caught in our routines and just focus on the next picture.  I think the sad thing about it, and I was reminded of this over these past two weeks, is that we can’t just focus on our next picture.  Blogging became a part of our SL but shouldn’t ever be all of our SL.  The escape was nice and I need to try to find a way to make more time for that.

It was kind of a big first day back to blogging too.  Today, I gave a presentation at BVN about the new Blogger Mentor Program I have been working with Kess and Trouble on for the past few months.  I’m really excited about this program as the idea is to pair bloggers seeking experience with bloggers who have more experience to help them develop faster.  While the original thought was to pair new/er bloggers with more experienced bloggers, we have decided that anyone seeking experience can apply for a mentor to help them grow and develop more.  I mean…BVN is about supporting bloggers.  Should we limit this program to JUST new bloggers getting support?  I don’t think so.

Applications for the program, both for mentors and mentees, can be found on the BVN website.

Before I close out today, I want to say a few thank you’s.

To my blogger managers and creators:  Thank you all for supporting me in taking the past two weeks off.  Its going to be a busy December blogging wise, so along with allowing me to address things in RL, I appreciate the opportunity to just recharge my batteries a bit before the heavy Christmas blogging begins.  I appreciate all of you more than you know.

To my friends:  Thank you all for checking in on me during the Thanksgiving holiday.  I truly do appreciate it.  I truly do have some of the most amazing friends. ♥

Last but not least, I want to thank all of you who came out to the BVN presentation today.  Obviously, we are excited to get this program up and running.  Considering how much so many of us love blogging, its a great opportunity for those of us with more experience to give back to the blogging community.  On a slightly selfish note, it meant a lot to see so many there too because, while I have been on voice with friends, as a transgender woman, it was nerve wracking to be on voice with so many people…and all of you were amazing and so supportive.  I can’t thank you enough for that.

So now…back to blogging just in time for the Christmas season…my favorite season of the year.  Its going to be an exciting month with a lot of amazing creations.  I’m so excited!

See it on Flickr.

What I’m Wearing
Blueberry – Julia Leggings
Cae – Zara Earrings & Necklace [@ FaMESHed]
Truth – Kitten [Mainstore Release]
UTOPIA@Design – Dafne [@ Uber]
Vinyl – SupaLonely Off Shoulder Top [@ FaMESHed]

Body – Maitreya – Lara
Head – Genus Project – Classic
Shape – Custom
Skin – Glam Affair – Lady 006 [@ Belle] & Body Applier 006

Diversion – Affection – 1

Park Bench Windsor

Cliff Hill – green A

Little Branch

Auribonne shed


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