Santa Claus Is Coming…

N609 Santa Caluse Is Coming...

The Christmas season is officially here!  I know a lot of other bloggers beat me to the first official Christmas post and lord are their pictures looking amazing!  I’m excited to have my first one done and will be oohhhing and aaahhhing over everyone else’s picture for the next several weeks.  🙂

Christmas always has been and will be something special for me.  Growing up, there really wasn’t much much focus on presents in my family.  The focus of Christmas, aside from the obviously faith based themes, was on being with family.  That was the big thing…being with those who had been a part of your life since birth and celebrating the love only a family can share.

I will say, the meaning of Christmas and family has changed for me over the past few since since I came out as transgender.  I know I have shared that my mother’s family is split on whether or not to accept me.  Last you, I was specifically told not to come to their family gatherings on Christmas Eve and Christmas Days.  That was hard but I am better with it this year than I was last year.  It will be interesting though to see if the family invites me home for the holidays after the wedding next weekend.

As for my dad’s family, they have embraced me and shown me nothing but love.  They have embodied the idea that family sticks together and, even when they may not understand things, they look at the heart of the person.  Now don’t get me wrong, if I was running around committing crimes all the time, I am sure there would be issues…as there should be.  But they have looked at me and seen that the exterior is just that, the exterior.  Its the heart and soul that matters.

And then, of course, there are my friends.  As I look forward to the next few weeks, I also have to look back and think about the past week.  With me not being able to go home over Thanksgiving, my sweet friend Nat G came up with the best idea.  We did a Friendsgiving Dinner via Skype between London and Richmond, Va.  With the help of Skype, we cooked a meal together, each of us providing recipes, enjoyed some wine and just talked and laughed for hours.  It was one of the sweetest and most meaningful things someone has done for me.  That dinner and the time with her is one of those things I will hold on to forever. ♥

But then isn’t that what this holiday season is about?  Gratitude and relationships?

I think so.  And I think as we move through the holiday season, it is important for all of us to remember what Christmas is truly about…

Love. ♥

See it on Flickr.

Apple Fall
Apple Sprig with Branch
Belgravia Skybox
Magnolia Leaf Wreath

ARIA & The Loft
Devon book pile and glasses

Can’t Even
Jolly AF

“Great North” Fir Tree Grouping (3 trees)

Joy Ladder

DaD [@ Anthem]
“Santa Claus sacks” c/m v.1.0
“Xmas present gift 03” m/c

Persian rug

Cliff Hill – snow A

Christmas Tree 2017 Decorated

KraftWork [@ Tannenbaum]
Christmas Poem Night . Tartan

[Merak] [@ Kustom9]
Emma’s Armchair (white)
Emma’s Otoman(white)

[Merak] [@ Mainstore]
Chocolate Cookies (touch for cookie)

MudHoney [@ Tannenbaum]
Ember Ceramic Tree L
Ember Faux Fireplace Wood
Ember Glass Cone Tree L
Ember Glass Votive Blue
Ember Glass Votive Cream
Ember Glass Votive Green
Ember Glass Votive Pink
Ember Glass Votive Purple
Ember Glass Votive Red
Ember Lit Star
Ember Mercury Glass Tree L

Winter Scene Twinkling Stars

Serenity Style
Santa’s Post Office- SIGN

draped curtain (ivory)

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