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So it’s been a few days since my last post. I normally hate taking so many days off without it being a formal vacation, but it’s been pretty busy for me and I had to do a bit of prioritizing.

First and foremost was a big family wedding on my mom’s side of the family. You may recall that this is the side of the family where many of my family members rejected me. I hadn’t seen most of them in at least two years and most of the family had put forth no effort to communicate with me. And that includes my sister in law, niece and nephew…which has just been heart breaking to me. So between the wedding events themselves and, for lack of better terms, the emotional energy needed to actually see my family again…I had to take care of me and put a lot of focus on this event and seeing all of them. I’ll share more about the wedding and what all happened in a series of upcoming posts.

Second factor has been wrapping up the December edition of ECLIPSE. I believe I had mentioned previously that I had a big project for this issue. I was basically asked to do a huge decor spread for one of the magazine’s sponsors. This store also happens to be one of my own blogging sponsors…so I really wanted to make sure I did them justice. As I worked on the project, especially as I finished it up, it became a very personal piece to work on. It was influenced not only by the creator’s products…but also by memories of Christmases with my family…something I haven’t been able to enjoy in a couple of years. After ECLIPSE is released, I’ll share those pictures here and write more about both my Christmas memories and the events from this past weekend’s wedding, as that event has had a major impact on how I will spend my holidays this year.

So for now, back to blogging and sharing with all of you!

As I wrap up, I do want go say thank you to everyone who was so supportive as I confronted my fears and anxieties over seeing my family. I could never have made it through the weekend were it not for all of you. ❤

And now, to recharge my own emotional batteries and get back to work. I hope all of you are having a blessed holiday season so far! I know I am…thanks to so many of you. ❤

See it on Flickr.

What I’m Wearing
Dead Dollz – Apres Cardigan, Onesie & Socks [@ Epiphany , 12/5-1/6]
Wasabi – Natasha Hair [@ Santa, Inc]

Body – Maitreya – Lara
Head – LeLutka – Korina
Shape – Custom
Skin – Glam Affair – Cassy

Diversion – Dreamer 1 & Prop

Apple Fall
West Village Belgravia Skybox

DISORDERLY / Merry Catmas [@ Epiphany , 12/5-1/6]
Merry Catmas / Cards
Merry Catmas / Catmas Tree / RARE
Merry Catmas / Lights
Merry Catmas / Present
Merry Catmas / Stocking

stone fireplace

+Half-Deer+ [@ Collabor88]
Christmas Garland

[Krescendo] – Cozy Christmas [@ Epiphany , 12/5-1/6]
Cozy Christmas – Cookie Tray
Cozy Christmas – Laptop – RARE
Cozy Christmas – Mug

The Love Blankets

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