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Sometimes you just have to do things for shock value.

On my dad’s side of the family, my dad and uncles were always pulling practical jokes, especially round big events.  My one uncle was the most amazingly kind mind on the planet, but when it came time for a big event to happen at his home, he always did something to try to gross us, his nieces and nephews, out since we typically helped him with clean up and getting everything ready.

N618b Insert BlogOne of the worst was before my wedding.

My brother, sister and I all had our wedding receptions at the family farm.  The farm had become “home base” and the place where the family memories were for the three of us.  When it came time for my wedding, my sister, cousins and I took to cleaning the house as we always did.  Being a bachelor most of his life, my uncle did not keep the cleanest home.  As we all paid our dues as the nieces and nephews, we picked up the trash, folded laundry and did his dishes.  Little did we know he had left a few surprises for us.

N618c Insert BlogAs we cleaned his bedroom and a couple of the guest rooms, all of us cleaning came running out of the respective rooms screaming in disgust.  Our dear, sweet, loving uncle (*cough, cough*) had left banana hammock underwear in every bedroom in the house!!!

Needless to say that we were all sufficiently disgusted at this point.  In fact, I can still feel my skin crawl just thinking about it. lol

But, no matter what he did to prank us, he was always so gracious with him home in opening it up to all of us for anything and everything.  And at Christmas time, it was a very special place to be as we all came together as a family. ♥

I hope your home is ready for your holiday guests!

See it on Flickr.

Granny’s Winter Cottage – Granny’s Messy Present RARE

Apple Fall
West Village Belgravia Skybox
Magnolia Leaf Wreath

At Christmas Candle v3 plain
At Christmas Candle v3 plain

Douglas Fir 3
Douglas Fir 4

Wall Curtain

Les Palmiers- Glace rug c/m
Santa Claus Cozy Sack – December Group Gift

dust bunny
pilea peper plant
cozy reading

Fancy Decor
Rene Canvas
Hurricane Sconce
Bradley Floor Lamp

Guest Cushion (Natural)
Guest Cushion (Black.Silver)

+Half-Deer+ [@ Collabor88]
Christmas Garland – Traditional – Curved with Tails

Christmas Tree 2017 Decorated

KraftWork [@ Epiphany , 12/5-1/6]
Lecker’s Cookie Factory . Xmas Cookies Tray
Lecker’s Cookie Factory . Mugs and Pots Stand
Lecker’s Cookie Factory . Cupcakes Stand
Lecker’s Cookie Factory . Santa’s Cookies Plate

[ kunst ]
Candle holder

Winter Fireplace RARE
Christel’s Candle Lantern

MudHoney [@ FaMESHed X]
Milo Sectional Corner Left – Fatpack
Milo Sectional Corner Right – Fatpack
Milo Sectional Chair Adult – Fatpack
Milo Sectional Ottoman Adult – Fatpack

Raindale [@ Liaison Collaborative]
Hollyfrost star (light)
Hollyfrost wooden angel
Hollyfrost deco plank
Hollyfrost vase (white&blue)
Hollyfrost wooden doe
Hollyfrost wooden tree
Hollyfrost wooden deer
Hollyfrost candles

.random.Matter [@ Epiphany , 12/5-1/6]
Cafe Hours – Tray
Cafe Hours – Fudge
Cafe Hours – Cookies

Evergreen Collection – Sage Wreath

.TeaBunny. [@ Epiphany , 12/5-1/6]
Holiday Stuffer / Naughty
Holiday Stuffer / Santa’s Favorite Ho VIP
Holiday Stuffer / Nice

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