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The other day, Meri posted her responses to a 19 question blogger challenge that was posted by another blogger, Cherri, in her blog.  I loved reading Meri’s responses.  She’s got a sense of humor that I would kill to have and her blog, especially with her being a narrative blogger like myself, is on my “must read” list.

So, Cherri had posted Cherri’s #19questions blogger challenge.  Meri passed it on in one of her posts and I figured, what the hell?  In the spirit of a good, healthy challenge…here are my responses.  Is anyone else up for taking the challenge too?

When did you start your SL Blog/Vlog?
I started another blog, focused just on transitioning in late 2017 as I started confronting the challenges of this journey.  When I started Blended Beauty in May, 2018, I actually had planned to keep both blogs going and the two completely separate, but quickly found I didn’t have the time to run two blogs and, honestly, I hated the fact I had this old blog talking about my journey that was deeply personal and then this blog which was really kind of disengaged from me on that same level.  In September, 2018, I decided I needed to disclose my transition here so I could have just one blog to focus on and, well, the rest is history.

How would you describe your Blog/Vlog? (fashion, decor, destination, RP, etc.)
I am a clothes and decor whore…I own it.  So my blog has been both a fashion and decor blog.  When I started, it was strictly fashion…though I knew I wanted to expand into decor as well.  It just took me time to feel comfortable enough with my skills to grow into that.  I would also describe my blog as narrative and informational/educational though.  I have always written as part of my blog.  Originally it was short stories and then once I came clean, for a lack of better terms, I wanted to make sure I was also educating others on the challenges of transitioning…while also letting others on this journey know they are not alone.  Hopefully I have achieved those goals.

When did you start SL and what brought you to SL?
I started SL in the spring of 2006.  Yes, I have been in SL that frigging long!  At the time, I was in a really bad place in RL.  I was in a horrible marriage and really struggling with who I was as a person.  A friend of mine who sensed that I was struggling with my identity, long before I could even acknowledge that I was, suggested SL as a place for me to come, for lack of better terms, to help me explore myself.  I started off with a male AV…and that lasted about two weeks.  I quickly did a transition RP and have been female, a far truer expression of myself, ever since!

What inspired you to become a Vlogger/Blogger?
Would you believe a dare?  I worked in the SL club scene for about two years or so.  I was a host and spent time as a club manager as well.  I was getting really burnt out on hosting and management so I was looking for something else to do with my SL.  I was also finishing graduated school and was struggling to figure out what I was going to do with my time with internship being done.  My friend and fellow blogger Ryanna Mitchell basically dared me to give blogging a try.  I instantly fell in love with it.  And…we can see that a year and half later, I’m not going anywhere anytime soon!

What’s your favorite thing to blog and why?
Ummmm…I don’t know…EVERYTHING???  I mean, not to sound vague but I am constantly in awe of what the creators in SL come up with.  Whether its poses, clothing, hair or decor…these people just have a talent for something I could never do.  I will say though that as I blog more, I am finding a special place in my heart for decor.  That may change but I am trying to include more decor in my fashion posts while also trying to do more straight decor posts.

What strength do you have that has helped you as a Vlogger/Blogger?
I think one thing has been my willingness to be open about my journey and who I am here.  Granted, its much easier to be so open and honest when people don’t see your RL face.  I at least hope me willingness to write something that is “real” about this journey has helped people connect with me.  I also hope that it has helped people to just have a better understanding of a topic that is so hard to understand.  I also believe the fact I bring my professional ethics from RL work into my dealings with my sponsors has helped.

How do you motivate yourself to stay active & fresh with your vlog/blog?
One thing is the artistic expression of ourselves we get to show as bloggers.  I don’t have a lot of creative outlets in RL, so being able to come here and be artistic helps.  The other is, to kind of steal Meri’s words, I’ve always got something going on in my life that I want to write about!

What’s the last thing you bought in SL?
Fillers for blog shots…decor and accessories.  There is always something really cute to go with an outfit or scene and well, along with wanting it in a blog shot…I just want it!  Yeah…instant gratification at its worst…

Would you say your AV is an introvert or an extrovert?
This really depends on my mood.  Some days I love getting out and socializing and other days I just want to stay “home.”  I need to connect with people but I also need my time to recharge my social batteries.

How do you feel about SL relationships (romantic & friends)? 
I need them!  Like RL, a lot of our experiences in SL are what we make of them and I need to connect with people in SL the same way I need to connect in RL.  My SL friendships are a HUGE source of support for me.  I mean, I disclosed to many of you in SL before disclosing to people I have known in RL for most of my life…so my SL friendships are very important to me.  And, several people in SL have become RL friends to me…even if we have never met in RL.  As for the romantic relationships, I have no problem with them and believe they can be so important as well.  I haven’t had the best luck with SL relationships in the past but the future…more to come there when the time is right.

Where is your AV right now? (Mainland home, sandbox, event, stuck in a TP (lol)…)
Standing at my home enjoying the beautiful winter scenery and, as much as I love how pretty all the snow looks…also grateful it isn’t snowing in RL here! LOL

What are your favorite things to do on SL?
I don’t get to do enough of what I love to do in SL.  I love the music scene (as a fan, not a host, lol) and truly do miss getting out to see the musicians I have become such good friends with over the years.  There is, of course, shopping!  And then…just hanging out with friends…which there hasn’t been enough time for lately.

What is your favorite SL fashion & decor style?
Oh lord…this is a loaded question! LOL  I don’t know if I really fit into a particular style.  Fashion wise, I am a blend of preppy, professional/classy, elegant, sultry/sexy and casual all mixed with some country girl…so I certainly don’t fit into a box there.  So far as decor, I like a mix of antique/classic furniture with a bit of modern.  I have some beautiful antique furniture pieces that my grandparents left me in RL…including a bed made in Williamsburg, Va. in the mid 1600’s…blended with more contemporary pieces…and that all comes into SL too.  Oh!  Definitely a beach girl too which you will see during the warmer months!

What new changes/developments in SL do you like/dislike?
There aren’t any changes that I dislike.  But so far as liking…mesh and the Bento skeleton.  Those are the bomb!

What is your pet peeve in SL?
Ok…this may sound bitchy…but people saying things in open chat to their partners that they wouldn’t say out loud in RL in the same setting.  I mean, I totally get and respect you that you have this person whom you care deeply about…but when you are going on and on about how much you love them in open chat…its just too much.  Most wouldn’t say that above a whisper in RL.  Take it to IM’s and keep it between the two of you, please.

What valuable piece of advice would you give to a new vlogger/blogger?
I would give two pieces of advice here.  First…be yourself.  That not only includes being genuine as a whole but also, if something isn’t your style, it will show in your pictures.  We all have the teams we want to blog for but if you are blogging a brand/style that isn’t you…it can be seen in your work and you will probably feel it in the pictures you post.  I know I do.  The second thing is to be professional in your dealings with creators and blogger managers.  How you interact with them is just as important as how good your pictures you.  If you aren’t professional and respectful towards them, word gets around pretty quickly.

What is your favorite SL memory?
Honestly?  When I disclosed that I was transitioning in my blog.  I had a great deal of anxiety about disclosing.  I was scared to death and I was crying on the phone to friends with fear that teams would drop me or not want me in the future.  I was afraid people would quit talking to me and the whole disaster scenario.  I’m sure you can imagine.  My hands were literally shaking as I made that post.  Instead of the worst happening…or even anything bad…I found love and support I never expected.  My honesty helped to not only strengthen the friendships I already had but it also lead to knew friendships that have become so important to me.  It will forever be my favorite memory in SL.

Is there anything you have learned in SL that has helped you in RL?
OMG, yes!!!  I’ve learned that people are much more open and accepting than we often give them credit for.  The support I have received in SL, and the ability to be more authentic in SL, has certainly carried over to RL.

What is the one thing you want everyone to know about your AV & vlog/blog?
For whatever people may think, how I present myself in SL and in my blog is pretty much how I am in RL.  I can be very strong and determined.  I can also be an anxious wreck.  I am a mix of a lot of things and just trying to make it through each day.  I may not share every detail, success and fear…but what you are getting is the real me. ♥

So there you go!  Questions answered!  Is anyone else up for the challenge?

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  1. ReadMeri says:

    Ahh, totally Tiff. Love your answers and as one of your lucky FB friends who got to see a real life selfie, I love your gorgeous face in Rl too. I also can’t agree more about couples talking in chat about lovey dovey or personal stuff. It makes me cringe. It’s like making out in someone else’s living room. Yuck. I make a point of being slightly insulting to my partner and Him to me too… It’s how we show affection 😀

    I wish you a wonderful Christmas, cute face. 🎅🎄🎁⛄❄ xxx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. And Merry Christmas to you too, beautiful! You are amazing and thank you for the opportunity to get to know you more and become friends. You are such an amazing woman and am so grateful to call you a friend. Thank you for for sharing your kind heart and all of your support. You are one of a kind, girl! ♥♥♥

      Liked by 1 person

  2. What a beautiful blog post! As for your answers to the challenge they were superb and recognizably honest and touching I enjoyed it immensely my friend I sincerely loved it!! Hugzzz!! Happy Holidays! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Happy Holidays to you too, Cherri! And thank you for such a neat challenge! You had some really great questions in there. I hope there are more things like this that come floating around in the new year. Big hugs! ♥

      Liked by 2 people

      1. If you ever start a challenge to hear of one feel free to let me know sweetie, my inworld name in SherriOhCherri hugzzz! thank you again!! 🙂


      2. Thank you soooo much I added your link to your post! Hugs & Happy 2020!


    1. Love this, Caiti! What a great photo and love learning more about you. Merry Christmas to you! ❤️❤️❤️


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