Pausing For A Moment

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Yeah…I need life to just pause for a moment…

It’s been a pretty intense two weeks for me.  I’ve got the new roommate now.  She was originally planning on moving in on February 1 but asked about moving in earlier.  I said what the hell.  I just let her know it was going to take me a little time to get a few things taken care because of everything at work.  Thankfully, she was fine with that and so far, while having a roommate is an adjustment, it’s off to a good start.

While I know I often complain about work…it’s usually the politics or staffing concerns.  I will say that while I am dead exhausted from work, at least this go around it’s been legitimate.

Last Monday, there was a huge protest happening at the state capitol here.  The week before was crazy with all of the preparations.  The were estimating over 10,000 people to attend the protest and there were lots of warnings about potential violence.  As it turns out, there were over 25,000 at the protest and there were credible threats of violence.  In fact, the FBI arrested three men in Maryland who planned to come to the protest and try to trigger a shoot out at it.  Needless to say tensions were high all through that.

After all of the debriefing and after action work we had to do following the protest, we all thought we were going to have this weekend to rest and recoup.  Yeah…nice thought…  Didn’t happen.

Saturday morning we had a fire in my office building.  And by fire, I mean legitimate fire department evacuated the building and floors are still having the smoke smell removed from their offices fire.  I got that call about 10am on Saturday morning and I literally haven’t stopped since.  So much for a weekend off….

While my team was able to return to our office space this morning, there is still a lot of work we have to do.  We have to relocate my team this weekend as the fix some electrical panels that were impacted by the fire.  We have to do an after action meeting tomorrow…partly because it’s required for us after an incident like that.  And partly because…well…let’s just say some people were more worried about showing their titles than their brains during the whole event this weekend.  Then, this coming weekend, we will have to relocate again while they finish up the repair work.

Sometimes I feel like if it’s not one thing…it’s another. lol

With all of that being said, I am grateful that the new roommate is understanding.  I feel bad that I couldn’t get everything done that I needed to this past weekend.  She was great though and certainly meant a lot.  But that doesn’t take away from my need to practice some self care.

I don’t see much coming in the way of a day off anytime soon.  I will be surprised if I get any time off before February 8th.  So right now, its important I find little moments to be mindful, meditate, take a short walk…whatever.  This evening, I took the time to go grocery shopping for food better than the nasty processed stuff I have been eating lately and cooked myself a simple meal.  I also took a little time to focus on cleaning up my dining room…which just looked like a dumping ground.  Those simple things made a difference in my ability to unwind some this evening.

I just need to make sure I find moments to relax my mind…no matter how big or small they are…

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What I’m Wearing
Narcisse – Frankie Pants & Top [@ Belle]
Truth – Elixir

Body – Maitreya – Lara
Head – LeLutka – Nova Evolution Series
Shape – Custom
Skin – Glam Affair – Adele Evolution Skin 008

Mukkas – Yoga – King Pigeon

GetFit! Posters
GetFit! Treadmill (white)
GetFit! Workout Set (pink) Adult

Workout Bag- Pink

Tres Blah
Bon Voyage – MP3 (Blue)


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