Dinner For Two

N651 Make Every Day Valentine's Day Blog

Ok…now that Valentine’s Day is over, I am just going to put this out there… Why in the world do we feel the need to have ONE day out of the year that celebrates romantic love?

I admit, I struggle sometimes with Valentine’s Day and now that it’s behind us, I feel safe saying that.

And let me clarify here…I don’t have a problem with the idea of people trying to strengthen their relationship and having a particular day to remind people to do that.  Let me make that clear.

Where I struggle with Valentine’s Day is the idea that so much focus is put on that one day.  There is so much pressure for our partners to make THAT day perfect.  I mean…roses cost three times as much on Valentine’s Day.  The card industry…not even going to talk about that.  This idea that there have to be special presents for that ONE day.  It just drives me nuts sometimes.

What ever happened to making sure your partner knows you love them on the other 364/365 days of the year?

I realize that everyone is different, but I guess this is where I am a pretty simple girl.  I would rather have the simple flowers, nice dinner, chocolates, whatever, scattered throughout the year.  I mean…for me…I would rather have the girls at work oohhing and aaahhhing over a card or flowers on some day that means nothing to anyone else.  For Valentine’s Day, just keep it simple.  A home cooked meal, a movie and just wrap me up and hold me…that’s all I need.

But then again too, I’ve never been about gifts.  I have always been about things like acts of service, quality time together, etc.

So yeah…that’s me in a nutshell.  Other than maybe an anniversary that’s important to me and my partner, don’t go all out for Valentine’s Day with me.  Besides…the chocolate and flowers are always so much cheaper on February 15th… 😉

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dust bunny
fiddle leaf tree

Fancy Decor [@ FaMESHed]
Studio Guest House (black)

[Merak] [@ Cupid, Inc]
Bag of Hearts
Sweet Love

MudHoney [@ FaMESHed X]
Petra Candle 1
Petra Candle 2
Petra Candle 3
Petra Candle 4
Petra Candle 5
Petra Chair A Fatpack
Petra Chandelier
Petra Low Glass
Petra Plates
Petra Spoon
Petra Table A
Petra Tall Glass
Petra Wine Glass

Be Mine – Candy Hearts
Be Mine – Choc Berries Tray
Singles Awareness Clutter – Magazines
svikja bar set – Modern

Super long Hanging Hedera


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