Spring Feast

N655 With Spring Comes The Company Of Friends Blog

I don’t know how it’s been for everyone else this winter, but it’s been unusually warm for most of the winter here in Virginia. Yes, we’ve had our really cold days…but overall, it’s been much warmer than we are used to here.

Having said that, I will also say that I’m so happy February is just about done. Part of the reason is that means more warmer days, shorts, cute skirts, etc are right around the corner. The other reason is it’s just been a hard month emotionally.

N655a Untitled BlogI hadn’t shared this with a ton of people, but I thought I was going to have to give up blogging for the next several months. This was certainly not something I wanted to do as blogging is a big self care activity for me. It was because of things at work. Our already tenuous staffing situation got worse when more team members left…some voluntarily and some volun-told. It put us at our worst staffing situation my department has been in through all the years I have been the manager. And the initial response from my leadership was that I was going to have to cover almost all of the staffing gaps myself.

Thankfully, I was able to get a creative staffing strategy together, one that would not only allow me to do my normal job duties but also was more fiscally responsible to my leadership and they approved it. So that means y’all are still stuck with me here. LOL

N655b UNtitled BlogAs all of this was going down, I spoke with friends, some of whom are also my blogger managers, creators for teams I blog for and my bosses at my jobs in world. I want to apologize to those teams I didn’t make contact with. I was working my way down my last and THANKFULLY, I had things approved at work before I had an opportunity to make contact with every team. I know for me, in my RL job, it helps so much with planning things out if I know in advance someone may have to quit. For me, it’s important to give that same level of respect to the creators and blogger managers who trust me with their products here. So to those people who I was able to talk to and who were so supportive during that unknown period, and especially to those teams I did speak with who were so understanding when I explained the situation…thank you. To the teams I blog for who I didn’t get a chance to talk to before I was able to get things sorted out…please don’t be mad at me for not contacting you before I got things sorted out at work.  Know I would have if things drug out longer.  All of my teams have been so incredibly kind to and supportive of me on every step of my blogging journey and i have so much respect for all of you.

There were other, more personal things, that made February a bad month as well. Then throw in the new roommate… I am hoping that as we move into March and the beginning of spring that these other issues will be resolved soon. The one good thing is that I do believe I have at least gotten through the worst part of those situations.

As warmer days start to greet us and many of us look to come out from hibernation, I hope all of you find time to spend with family and friends. Do those early season cook outs. Do those nights by the fire pit with friends, music and a bottle of wine. Take time to go see the flowers blooming along your favorite walking path. As Mother Nature reminds us of how she renews her world every spring, make sure you take the time to renew and nurture your friendships.

After all, when things are most difficult, it’s our friendships that sustain us. ❤️

See it on Flickr.

Malarkey – Margarita Glasses & Tequila
Vulnerability – Cocktails

dust bunny
areca palm plant
fiddle leaf tree
pilea peper plant
potted cheese plant
potted palm
spicy fiesta . chips & guac
spicy fiesta . empanadas
spicy fiesta . fresh tortillas
spicy fiesta . grilled corn
spicy fiesta . loaded nachos
spicy fiesta . quesadilla
spicy fiesta . tacos
spotted begonia

2 winebottles
Bourbon whiskey

Fancy Decor  [@ Collabor88]
Smith Fence Panel – large (light)
Smith Fence Panel – small (light)
Smith Gate (light)
Smith Post (light wood)

Labrador Sitting – Mesh – Full Perm

Little Branch

Autumn Cake
Bread and Cheese delight
Hara Chair (bare)
Hara Chair (blanket)
Hara Chair (pillow)
Hara Table (w/cloth)
Grandma’s Delight
Pumpkin Soup

Jolene Chair – Fatpack
Jolene Coffee Table
Jolene Lantern
Jolene Rug
Mint Julep Tray

beach deck

Siamese Cat Paw Lick – Mesh – Full Perm

Weimaraner Dog Lying – Mesh – Full Perm


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