Don’t Blame The Caffeine…Blame My Own Mind

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So I had this really long winded post that I was going to do.  I decided to make a change of course.  I need to rethink what I wanted say there so I’ll be coming back to that topic another day.

I will say that so far, I have managed to not drive myself into the ground with everything that is happening at work.  I’m very grateful that several members of my team at work have really stepped up to help with staffing.  I’m still working some pretty long days…but at least I am able to feel human each day.

With all that’s going on in RL, my photography really has become an escape for me.  I nice place where I can forget the cares of the world and just work on creating something based not just on requirements, but how I feel inside and/or something important to me.  My other work in world helps with that as well.  As I gear up for a blogger search Diversion and the March issue of Eclipse…it will be a good to force me not to obsess over some things that are out of my control in RL.  Or at least help give me some perspective on things.

And for me, between my anxiety and ADHD, it can sooooooooooo easy to obsess over things if I’m not careful.

Thankfully, I have gotten much better at managing those thoughts and finding more of the positives in this world.  And you know what?  Even with all the craziness at my office, there is a lot for me to be grateful for.  As I look at my life, for as much as I have complained about work and other situations lately (fatigue has a nasty way of bringing that out in me), I still have so much to be grateful for.  New friendships…deepening friendships with those already in my life…hobbies that help ease my mind…a dog that loves me…and to bring it down to something very simple…a pillow to rest my head on at night.

I have had some wonderful people remind me of things I should be proud of and grateful for lately.  That’s not something I have always had in my life…that positive support and influence. And so that right there is something else be very grateful for…

A healthier future is there for my taking thanks to both hard work on my part and the support of some incredible people.  Yeah…I think that’s what I’ll focus on tonight.

See it on Flickr.

What I’m Wearing
Cae – Trinket (long)
DOUX  – Eleni [@ Equal10]
Just Because – Cami Sweater & Cenedra Jeans [@ Uber]

Body – Maitreya – Lara
Head – LeLutka – Nova Evolution Series
Shape – Custom
Skin – Glam Affair – Delilah 008 & Freckles (C) [@ Access ]

Diversion – Morning Sun 4m [@ Belle]

Apple Fall
Coffee & Muffin
Mixer – Tomato

coffeemug stand
color change vintage coffee machine

Olwen Laptop

[PM]Pixel Mode (No longer in business)
THB – Kitchen Jars

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