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My fellow bloggers…doesn’t it drive you nuts when you have this whole style/technique that you use for your photos and then, out of the blue, you find yourself struggling to do what you have done for so long???

I know all of us bloggers are different.  We not only have different styles of editing, but different ways we build our sets, compose our pictures, etc., etc.  I know so bloggers build their set first.  Some choose their outfits first.  Some choose their pose first.  Some travel the grid looking for sims where they can shoot their pictures first.  All of us are different.

Well…I’ve been struggling lately…

I know a lot of it has to do with things going on in real life.  It’s just been a lot on my plate and that’s been impacting my creativity.  It’s not the same as when I have taken vacations to recharge my batteries.  This has been something different.  It’s either a matter of I am running home from a late day at work and I just find myself pressed for time to get a scene built…or my mind is just racing from work and events in the world and that impacts my ability to build a scene.

Now, this isn’t every day.  Some days I am fine.  Some days, I can do it but it just takes me more time.  But when the block hits… *mumbles something inappropriate under her breath*

I did have to laugh about this earlier today as I was thinking about the next one to two months of blogging.  For as scatter brained as I can be at times, I have been trying to plan ahead as I have something big coming up.  Well…it’s big for me…my 500th blog post.

It kind of caught me off guard the other day when I realized I was coming up on that.  I mean, when I started blogging, I never imagined falling in love with it like I have.  I never imagined sharing as much as I have about my life.  I also never imagined being as active as I am, both with my actual posts and all of the other roles I have taken on since then.  It’s been a ride…that’s for certain.

Maybe I’m crazy for sort of planning out what I want to do for that post in my head.  I still don’t have it all sorted out…though I do have a few ideas of what I want to do.  We will see how it plays out.  And hopefully, this scene building creativity block will have gone away by then. lol

But on that note, I am going to call it a night and remind everyone in the US to set their clocks forward by one hour tonight.  I had to work the night shift last night for a special project at work, so I’m pretty wiped out tonight.  Thankfully though, I don’t have to go back to work until Monday morning…so maybe tomorrow with be a normal, allow me to feel human for a day, Sunday.

One can hope, right?

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What I’m Wearing
Cae – Vera Bracelet, Necklace & Ring
Dead Dollz – Lia Skirt & Top [@ Uber]
Stealthic – Devotion

Body – Maitreya – Lara
Head – LeLutka – Erin Evolution Series
Shape – Custom
Skin – Glam Affair – Aura 008 [@ The Arcade]

Diversion – Humble 1m [@ Pose Fair]

Maison de L’amitie

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