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This post is dedicated to every person in health care working to stop the spread of Coronavirus/COVID-19.

Every housekeeper…
Everyone working food services…
Everyone in linen…
Every mechanic…
Everyone working supply chain…
Every information technology person…
Every social worker…
Every counselor…
Every clerk…
Everyone answering the phones…
Everyone in billing…
Everyone in OT/PT…
Every administrator…
Every Respiratory Therapist…
Every Tech…
Every nurse…
Every doctor…
Every researcher…
And any role in health care I may have forgotten…

Thank you all for your hard work, dedication and putting yourself on the front lines every day.

I would also like to give special thanks to these Second Life residents who allowed me to use their photos in a one of the frames for this post.  Each of these individuals works in health care and deserves our thanks, as do the countless other health care workers who are a part of our Second Life community.  They are:

Annan Adored
Aradia Dielli
Caiti Jezebel Baxton
Kess Crystal
Minnie Fae Dethly
Sassy Merlotte-Ellison
Stefania Giano

**NOTE: The cartoon showing health care workers raising the American Flag, located on the table, is by Andy Marlette of the Pensacola News Journal.**

See it on Flickr.

ARIA & The Loft
Devon book pile and glasses

Bonaparte Chair black

Dahlia – Bellevue Set
Bellevue – Drugs
Bellevue – Needles
Bellevue – Surgical Tools

dust bunny
potted palm

Fancy Decor
Colleen Frames (silver)
Display Cabinet (wood)
Grantaire Frame

Photo Booth – Dance Hall

Medical Chart
Stethoscope // Pink

Finley Books
Finley Candle 1
Finley Candle 2
Finley Console Table RARE
Finley Frame Tall
Finley Frame Wide
Finley Lamp
Finley Mail
Finley Mirror
Finley Plant
Finley Tray
Finley Votive
Finley Wax Warmer

Padre Loco
Picture Frame Arrangement

draped curtain (black & white)

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  1. Katie McKenzie says:

    I have hope that when this is all said and done, health care workers have better job & financial security than ever. You all deserve it, but now more people should recognize the job you do! ♥

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hopefully that will happen but sadly, I doubt it. The same was said about first responders following 9/11 and the Oklahoma City Bombing…but little changed. The good thing though…we have never done it for the money. Thank you for all of your support. ♥

      Liked by 1 person

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