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I thought I would have a lot to write about today with it being Easter and all.  I didn’t play to write anything from a faith/religious aspect of it all.  Not that I’m opposed to that for anyone who needs it.  It’s more a matter of trying to find some sort of general meaning in each holiday on the calendar.  I have always enjoyed doing that.  I guess for me, especially with my feelings towards organized religion, not faith but religion, I just want to find something personal in all those lovely holidays, religious and secular, that scatter the calendar every year.

Honestly though, I don’t really have the energy for that today.

I will say that while I didn’t get to enjoy my wine and music by the fire pit last night, I did get to take a walk near my office today on my lunch break.  It’s a beautiful day here today and I decided to forego eating until later as I desperately needed the sun and fresh air.

It was weird though…downtown is pretty much deserted due to social distancing.  I mean, we have three historic buildings near my office that have been turned into apartment buildings.  Obviously no one is really coming out to do anything right now.  The shops, normally bustling with activity, are dead quiet with their doors locked.  It’s just very surreal walking through here with no real activity.  On my 30 minute walk…I think I saw a total of three people.

I did walk past a really cute consignment boutique on my walk.  It’s one of those where most of the clothes in there are right along with my style of clothing in real life.  It’s one of those stores I have been dreaming about shopping in for months.  It was kind of a stark reminder to me, a reality check of sorts, that so much from my life…and everyone’s lives…is on hold for the time being.  The feelings it brought on were really overwhelming.  I know I am not alone in those feelings.  I think we all have our triggers as we navigate this scary world.

As I walked past the store though, I stopped for a moment and looked inside the window.  I saw a few items on mannequins in there that I hope to be able to try on once the stores are open again.  I managed to smile a little as I imagined what it would be like if it actually fits me.

Who knows, maybe in a month or two I’ll be walking out of the store with it for myself…

See it on Flickr.

What I’m Wearing
Blueberry – Ride or Die Shorts, Tied Flannel & Top
Reign – Ride or Die Socks
Tableau Vivant – Buttercup Hair [@ Uber]

Body – Maitreya – Lara
Head – LeLutka – Nova Evolution Series
Shape – Custom
Skin – Glam Affair – Heidi with Freckles (B) & Moles (B) [March Kustom9 release.  In the Mainstore soon!]

Diversion – Raincheck 4m [@ The Liaison Collaborative]

Apple Fall
Carnaby Row Store

-David Heather-
Suit Display 2A
Suit Display 2B
Suit Display 3
Suit Mannequin 1
Suit Mannequin 2

Butterfly Swarm [2018 Gift]

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