Hiding Places

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This post goes out to all of my introverted friends who share their homes with families, friends, roommates, housemates, etc. and who are trying to survive being housebound with everyone else.

I hope all of you have one little corner of your home where you can hang a “Do Not Disturb” sign, indulge in your hobbies and shut everyone else out for a bit. ♥

See it on Flickr.

Apple Fall
West Village Belgravia Skybox

[Arbor] Basket Flower [Blue]
[Calmly] Camomille basket [Decor][2]

“Hydrangea Pot GROUP GIFT 3/20”

DISORDERLY  [@ The Epiphany from April 15th-May 12th]
Book Retreat / Bath Mat
Book Retreat / Cabinet
Book Retreat / Laundry Basket
Book Retreat / Retreat Sign / EXCLUSIVE
Book Retreat / Stool
Book Retreat / Wall Shelf 2

dust bunny
botanical tote
hanging plants . cheese plant
hanging plants . double planter
hanging plants . ivy planter
hanging plants . spider planter
pilea peper plant
potted bromeliad
potted palm
potted rubber tree
spotted begonia

vase with 2 color change tulips

Grey Tabby Cat Lying – Mesh – Full Perm

K&S [@ The Epiphany from April 15th-May 12th]
Floor lamp

KOPFKINO [@ The Epiphany from April 15th-May 12th]
Miss Vanity – Bag and Shoes white (c)
Miss Vanity – Bust (c)
Miss Vanity – Divider (c)
Miss Vanity – Frame and Apple (c)
Miss Vanity – Macarons VIP (c)
Miss Vanity – Mannequin Corset (c)
Miss Vanity – Mannequin Dress (c)

Little Branch

Baby Breath Vase

Vivienne Roses Vase

Wanderlust – Vase and Books

[PM]Pixel Mode – No Longer In Business
The Sewing Corner – Sewing Machine RARE
The Sewing Corner – Sewing Machine Table RARE 1

Siamese Cat Paw Lick – Mesh – Full Perm

draped curtain (ivory)
laundry basket w lights (dark)

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