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Let me begin by first thanking all of you who have followed and encouraged me on my journeys…blogging, transitioning, life…all of it.  While those of you who follow me may not know it, your words, messages…all of it…has helped keep me going more than you can imagine.  I honestly don’t know what I would do without you.  Thank you. ♥

It’s with your support that I hit a bit of a milestone today.  This post, a collab none the less, is my 500th blog post!  When I started blogging almost 2 years ago, I never once imagined being at this point.  I figured it would be a kind of here and there hobby but nothing I really took seriously.  In an ironic twist though, it’s led me to something that I absolutely love.  It’s given me a creative outlet.  It’s allowed me to meet some of the most amazing people.  And it’s allowed me to experience a whole new range of things in Second Life.

So as I post this, my 500th blog post, I hope you will accept my deep thanks for all you have done for me.  I want to also thank all of those friends I have made along the way.  Some have stayed, some of gone, some are new.  But like any journey in life…it’s as much about the experiences as it is the destination.

Well…one of those new friends, one of those new experiences, is this amazing woman, Maria.  We started following each other on Facebook and Flickr a while ago.  I’m not sure who sent the first friend request or followed first.  But in a great friendship, does that matter?  Not at all.

What matters is unexpectedly, I found a new friend in Maria.  Being the constant platform dweller than I am, that has been especially nice.  As everything has changed for so many of us through this global pandemic, I’ve had a constant and building friendship with Maria that, whether she knows it or not, has truly helped me through some difficult days.  She is one of those people with not just a good heart, but this amazingly grateful soul that the world needs more of.  It’s infectious, really.  And as I said…on some of my most difficult days, a simple message from her has often reminded me that I have things to be grateful for.  She has reminded me to keep pushing forward.  She has helped to remind me that we will get through these days.

And she has reminded me of all of these things with some great laughs along the way.

So when she reached out and asked me to pose with her for this picture, there was no way I was going to say no. ♥

Now…I will let you ask her about the stroke she nearly had when I told her this was going to be my 500th post.  I think she has finally calmed down from that. 😉 LOL

Maria, my friend…thank you for your friendship.  Thank you for your positive soul.  Thank you for your fountain of sweet words and support.  Most importantly, thank you for being unashamedly you and adding something so positive to Second Life.

Thank you for making the journey just as important as the destination. ♥

Make sure to check out Maria’s amazing version on her Flickr and blog!

You can find my version on my Flickr. ♥

What I’m Wearing
Blueberry – Sunny Shorts & Bikini Bottom V2
Cae – Simplicity Gem Stud Earrings & Trinket Necklace
DOUX – Bianca
Tres Blah – Bib Tank Top Adventure [Previous Saturday Sale Exclusive]

Body – Maitreya – Lara
Head – LeLutka – Nova Evolution Series
Shape – Custom
Skin – Glam Affair – Bella Evolution Skin 008 & Bella Freckles (B) [@ Kustom9]

Focus Poses ] – To Fabulous Las Vegas

Baja Norte

You can find all of Maria’s credits on her blog, LAYERSUPONLAYAS. ♥

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