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One of my best friends in RL is also my surrogate big brother.  He served with my brother and his wife, also one of my best friends, often reminds me how we filled a void for each other when my brother died.  He was one of those people I was horrified to tell I was transitioning.  Between the way he viewed me and him being retired military, I was shaking so badly that I almost spilled me wine all over me the night I told him.  He accepted me without reservation though and now calls me his adopted sister.  The love and acceptance they have shown me his been one of my pillars of strength as I have walked this path in RL.

I don’t visit them as often as I should, thanks to how crazy work is.  But, when I get the chance, I make the hour drive to spend one or two night with them and their two kids, who are both in college now and have taken to calling me Aunt Madi, and just relax with people who truly are more like family to me than many of my biological family.

One of the things I love about visiting them, aside from the support they have given me through my transition, is that they truly do treat me like a member of the family.  Whether it’s the fact they refuse to let me buy any food or drink for my visits (I always bring a couple of bottles of wine though), they have offered me clothes to sleep in when dinner became an overnight visit, my friend calling me “sis” or the kids calling me “aunt,” it just makes you feel…at home and at peace with people you love.

I do have to snicker and roll my eyes a bit in jest though every Saturday morning.

They routinely keep their house spotless.  When I first started spending time with them, I always thought it was the wife who kept the place spotless.  I had to laugh as I learned it was the husband who was so anal retentive about things being so organized.  It has become a running joke that he should have gone and opened up his own maid service when he retired from the military.

There is one exception to the cleanliness and organization though…and that is on Saturday mornings.

Every Saturday morning, they leave the house be unless they have plans for early company.  It’s on those mornings that they turn on music or the soccer, pull out their tablets and books and all sit around reading for three to four hours.  And, during that time, no one is allowed to pick up anything.  Everyone is just supposed to relax together, as a family, with a good book.

I love being there on Saturday mornings and being a part of this with them.  It’s so relaxed and comfortable.  It’s been their tradition for so, so long…as long as I have known them.  And while I have watched them change their Saturday morning tradition with other guests, they have never changed it with me.  Instead, when I came downstairs from the guest room, I get the routine, “Coffee’s ready.  You know where the mugs and sugar are.  Oh!  We picked up (choose your favorite breakfast pastry) at the grocery store and those are by the stove.”

Maybe it sounds silly and some would struggle with that level of comfort with people visiting your home, or when you are the guest.  For me though, it is the greatest compliment.  It really does help me feel like a part of the family.  And when my “big brother” or my “sister-in-law” ask, “How did you sleep, sis/Madi?” I just want to hug them and remind them how grateful I am for them and to be a part of their family.

I wonder if, with what they know about my family background, they truly understand how much their love and support, and the relationship we have built over the years, means to me?  ♥

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Apple Fall
Books – Arrangement 1
Books – Arrangement 2
Coffee & Muffin
Cosmos Flowers – Red
Crumpled Newspaper
Design Books
Elderflower Cordial
Handbag & Scarf
Macarons on Sketchbook
Nectarines w/ Basket
Roses Jug
Wild Thistles
Woodland Deer – Ceramic

ARIA & The Loft
Devon book pile and glasses
Devon deco slippers
Devon decorative hand bag
Nikka deco old books

Cheeky Pea
Hastings Buoys
Hastings Oars

dust bunny
botanical tote
fiddle leaf tree
pilea peper plant
pink medinilla plant
potted palm
potted rubber tree
spotted begonia

book with glasses

Fancy Decor
Capsule Canvas

Fancy Decor [@ Collabor88]
Classic Wall Panel – large – white
Classic Wall Panel – medium – white
Classic Wall Panel – small – white

cozy slippers

Jug with Wheat
Rolled Blanket

Tula Chandelier – Matte Gray

Nutmeg – Dreamy Pastels Release [@ the Mainstore!]
Dreamy Pastels Armchair Adult
Dreamy Pastels Basket Bonus Item
Dreamy Pastels Candle Stand
Dreamy Pastels Coffee Table / 1
Dreamy Pastels Coffee Table / 2
Dreamy Pastels Coffee Table / 3
Dreamy Pastels Cupboard / 2
Dreamy Pastels Floor Pillows
Dreamy Pastels Lamp / 1
Dreamy Pastels Lamp / 2
Dreamy Pastels Ottoman Adult
Dreamy Pastels Paper Bin
Dreamy Pastels Rug
Dreamy Pastels Sofa / 1 Adult

Wanderlust – Vase and Books

artsy books

{what next}
House Plant – Agave
Pothos Plant (small)
Pothos Plant (trailing)

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