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It’s been a busy week here in real life.

You would think that working in health care, with things starting to open back up after the first surge from COVID that things would be a little easier.  Ironically, that hasn’t been the case for me at work.  When we started our response to COVID, everything else at work stopped.  We put all projects on hold as we basically put plans into place that had never even been considered before.  After about a month in, while there were a lot of long days, the routine business of other projects and meetings stayed on hold to make sure we didn’t need to change anything else and to ensure we weren’t going to get hit as hard in Virginia as places like New York got hit.

Eventually though, after getting all of these new processes in place, we had to start getting back to business as usual.  Over the past two weeks, it’s been ramping up old projects, implementing new process and so on and so forth.  It’s a weird new world in health care with COVID still around.  It’s hard to explain, but after 26 years in the industry…it’s definitely different.  With all of that going on over the past two weeks, plus just working to get through Memorial Day emotionally, I really missed a lot this past week.

One of the things I missed was, ironically, the two year anniversary of this blog!

It was two years ago this past Wednesday, May 27th, that I made my first post here on Blended Beauty.  Two years since some of you started putting up with my incessant ramblings.  Two years since I took that dare from Ryanna and made the scary leap into something that I never thought I would be capable of doing.

It’s amazing how much has changed over those two years.  In saying that, I am talking about changes across the board…with each of you, with the world…with me personally.  Lord knows none of us are where we were two years ago.

What I do know is in the past two years, despite any negative happenings, there have been so many positives.  There have been new friends made…as well as friends lost.  I’ve learned so much about myself through all of you.  So many of you have supported me in ways I never imagined.  So many of you have held me up and cheered me on when I was ready to give up on things.  And those closest to me have always, ALWAYS, pushed me to be better…not just in my blogging work but also in caring for and respecting myself.  Lord knows I’m not perfect and I still have a long way to go, but thanks to you…I am still pushing forward.

In those two years, I managed to come out to all of you and despite my doomsday fears, I was embraced by so many of you.  Honestly, that has been the biggest shock in this whole crazy journey and I don’t know if you understand what that has meant to me through all of this.  I will never be able to put into words what it has meant to me personally.  I know that I have been incredibly fortunate in all of this…for your support, for the support of those more experienced bloggers who took me under their wings and mentored me, as well as the support I have received from the creators and blogger managers who have put their trust in me.

One of the other, truly neat parts of all this, has been the ability to give something back to the communities in Second Life.  I’ve been fortunate enough to work with some amazing transgender individuals to help them on their journeys.  Working with newer bloggers to help them grow and develop has been a gift.  To see the fire they have for the job helps me so much when I start to get frustrated with my own work or am feeling overwhelmed by deadlines.  And to be able to work directly with both creators and more experienced bloggers as a blogger manager…I don’t even have words for it all.  I truly have been fortunate on so many levels and all of you, all of you who have supported me, are such a huge part of it all.

So, it may be a few days late, but I guess the saying, “Better late than never,” is true here… Happy 2nd birthday, Blended Beauty.

We have all come so far in the past two years.  Here’s to two more years and all the growth we will all have during that time.

And thank you, to all of you, for being such a huge part of my life and, well, this…my blog…doing as well as it has.  None of this would be possible without all of you. ♥

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What I’m Wearing
Stealthic – Chiffon
Vinyl – Chica Denim Skirt [@ Uber]
Vinyl – Sage Knotted Tee [@ Equal10]

Body – Maitreya – Lara
Head – LeLutka – Nova Evolution Series
Shape – Custom
Skin – Glam Affair – Reese Evolution Skin 008 & Reese Freckles (A)

Sweet Art  – Sofia 1M

Weimaraner Dog Standing – Mesh – Full Perm

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  1. Dreamy Lebed/Penny Bombastic says:

    love you loads girl ♥ so proud of you and where you’ve come and indeed, watching you fight through the hard times makes all the good times you spend and the love you show to those who you care about and even those you don’t – is a privilige. Thank you for allowing us to be part of it all with you xxx


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