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I’m keeping this post short today.  There is just a lot going on in RL right now that I need to put my energy into and so today, lack of time keeps you from having to listen to me ramble too much.

The past few months have been exhausting for so many of us.  The world is in a state that I have never seen in my life.  Many of the people I know are going crazy from being stuck at home.  Some of us have been working so hard that it’s impacting our ability to function properly.  Emotions are heightened.  Many of us are reacting to things instead of responding.

I know that for me, I have not been as active on social media lately.  Some days I scroll through Facebook and I just have to close it.  The attacks.  The lack of civil discourse.  The rush to judgement.  It’s been too much at times.  For my own mental health, I have needed to just take a step back at times as I confront my own issues.  As I have sat and watched, I have seen the best in people and the worst in people.

N704b Untitled BlogI hope that as we slowly find some return to whatever the new normal is that we all take a moment to look back on how the world has changed through all of this.  I hope we all take moment to look at ourselves and see how we responded to all of this personally.  And by that, it’s not just did we stand up for the right cause and beliefs, but did we do it while respecting other human beings the same way we feel we should be respecting.  If we can’t say that we met that goal, then even if we were in the right, we have to accept that we did something wrong.

If I could, I would pay for everyone I know to have a little retreat to a place like what we have pictures here.  I believe we all deserve a little treat like that…

Everyone deserves an opportunity to evaluate, in a peaceful and healthy way, who they are and what they have learned through all of this madness.

See it on Flickr.

Apple Fall
Crumpled Newspaper
Design Books
Worn Luggage Bag

ARIA & The Loft
Daphne wall flutter
Devon book pile and glasses
Nikka deco old books

ChicModa Home
Metal Ring Candle Pearl [on/off]
Metal Ring Candle Pink [on/off]
Metal Ring Candle Teal [on/off]

Wine bottle

Omaha Pillow (black)
Omaha Pillow (indigo)

“Venetian Blinds C-2” c/m

dust bunny
botanical tote
cozy reading
hanging plants . cheese plant
hanging plants . double planter
hanging plants . ivy planter
hanging plants . spider planter
pilea peper plant
potted bromeliad
spotted begonia

Two winebottles
Valentine’s Gift: Breakfast in Bed

Fancy Decor
Bradley Magazine
Grantaire Magazine
Merlot Wine Glass
Verona Flower Vase

Fancy Decor & Commoner – Spero [@ The Arcade]
01 FD & Commoner: Spero Guesthouse RARE
02 FD & Commoner: Spero Bed RARE
03 FD & Commoner: Spero Sofa RARE
05 FD & Commoner: Spero Table Lamp
06 FD & Commoner: Spero Framed TV
07 FD & Commoner: Spero Mirror
08 FD & Commoner: Spero Console
09 FD & Commoner: Spero Side Table
10 FD & Commoner: Spero Wall Vases A
11 FD & Commoner: Spero Wall Vases B
12 FD & Commoner: Spero Floor Lamp
13 FD & Commoner: Spero Accent Table
14 FD & Commoner: Spero Driftwood Art
15 FD & Commoner: Spero Coffee Tables
16 FD & Commoner: Spero Rug
17 FD & Commoner: Spero Cocktail Table

leather tote . white

Beach Essentials
Blankets Stack
Designer’s Bag
Malia Bench
Whiskey Bottle

Finley Keys 1
Finley Notepad
Liza Heels – Black

Bachelor Bag Brown
Rattan Tote Carry, Light Blue
Tidy Pastels Clock Rust

The Fianna Tablet Set – Tablet
Modeh Ani Tablet Clutter – Tablet
Simply Fabulous – Clutter Set – Brush and Hair Ties
Simply Fabulous – Clutter Set – Dryer
Simply Fabulous – Clutter Set – Flat Iron
THOT Mess Scattered Makeup

Super long Hanging Hedera


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  1. Katie McKenzie says:

    Tiff, I can’t click enough likes for this one. You’ve said exactly what’s been on my mind the past 70+ days I’ve been in self-quarantine. At first, all I saw on the news was death and doom. But gradually I think even the news people have realized that we all need a break from the madness. Either I’m just noticing it more, or else they really are trying to highlight some of the good. The heart-warming stories. The heroes who gave to others without expecting a reward. I’ve seen the good in groups of people, too, during the BLM protests. It’s my fondest wish that after the protests are over, we see more generosity and tolerance between us. I don’t want to give up on that fairy tale. When even a conservative SCOTUS can vote like they did, maybe there’s a sliver of hope for all of us. ♥


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