Beyond Blogging

You know, I never imagined myself as a blogger before I started blogging…on a dare of all things.  Prior to the dare, I even said to friends I would never blog.

Ironically, I have taken on some other things I swore I would never do.  Granted, all of these things are extensions of blogging and help support the blogging and photography community in Second Life, along with other things.  But still…  Reminds me to never say never…

So here is a list of what else occupies my time in Second Life…

DiversionBlogger Manager
For those of you who appreciated the amazing blogging skills of Rina Grayson, you will be happy to know she has opened her own pose store, Diversion Poses.  I was incredibly honored when she asked me to serve as the blogger manager for her store.  The response we had to our first blogger call was amazing and getting to work with this incredibly talented group of bloggers has been a gift for me.

Diversion is currently not looking for new bloggers as our team is full.

Just Because SL

Blogger Manager & CSR
When I started blogging, becoming a member of the Just BECAUSE team was one of my bucket list goals.  Why?  Both because I love the products released by JB and because I have so much respect for Annie Melson as a person.  I was invited to blog for JB in October, 2018, and have been with the team since.  To be asked to manage this amazing team and also serve as a CSR for Just BECAUSE was something I never imagined happening.  It’s a true privilege to get to work with Annie and this amazing blogging team now.

Just BECAUSE is not currently looking for new bloggers.

Customer Service Rep
Narcisse is another team I have been blogging for since October, 2018.  Narcisse Constantine creates same amazingly elegant and sultry lingerie that I always have so much fun blogging.  After blogging for Narcisse for just over a year, I was asked by Narci to take on the additional role of Customer Service Rep to assist you, her supports, with your purchases.  Another creator who I have a great deal of respect for, I have truly enjoyed working both with her and all of the amazing customers of this store.