Why Blended Beauty?

In Second Life, I am a profile perv.  I admit it.  I will not hesitate to pull up someone’s profile to learn about them.  One common quote in profiles is…

“I don’t mix Second Life and Real Life…”

Ok.  You don’t want to cam or voice?  No problem.  I respect that.  You don’t want to share your real life situation in Second Life?  Again, no worries here.  We may not talk a great deal, but again…I can respect that.  You don’t want to meet in real life or make contact through means outside of Second Life?  Again…TOTALLY get it!  We are good!

I’ll let you in on a secret though…

No matter how much you try to be some character you role play with, no matter how much you try to spend your Second Life being anyone but yourself, no matter how much you view Second Life as a game and nothing more…you will blend Second Life and real life.

It’s inevitable.  Our personalities come across through our avatars.  Our tastes in clothing, music, appearance…everything about us comes through to Second Life.  And yes, Second Life creeps out into the real world simply because we are often looking forward to getting back “in world.”  Our mood, created by either world, will ultimately transfer over to the opposite world.

Different people will do different things with their Second Life.  For me, it has been a means of social connection and support, artistic creativity, self acceptance and discovery.  That means my Second Life and my real life are blended.  They have blended more than I ever expected them do.  But that’s ok.  I’m good with that now and I enjoy what my Second Life allows and teaches me every day.

This blog is a celebration of my blending my real life and my Second Life and my expression of all that through photography.  I hope you enjoy!

❤ Tiff