Trouble Brewing

N180 Trouble BrewingDo you ever meet someone and you just know there is going to be trouble around the corner?  I know you have.  Well…that’s pretty much what happened meeting Melly.

I was so excited to collaborate with Melly on this shoot and I knew it would be fun.  We had never hung out, but the times we had talked were a combination of incredibly supportive and just down right comical.  It took less than 5 minutes of us being together before we were both laughing hysterically…and the laughs continued for a good two hours.  Its so relaxing to be around people who make you laugh at yourself as much as the world around you.  And once her sister Jessa showed up… Let’s just say my sides still hurt today from all the laughing.

Thank you for asking me to collab with you, Melly.  The world could use a lot more people like you. ❤

Don’t forget to check out Melly’s blog, Fever Pitched!

Melly’s Flickr & My Flickr


What I’m wearing:
Attire: Ison Mokatana Skirt (Collabor88, July 2018), Tetra Mokanta Top (Collabor88, July 2018) & Reign Arya Heels (Ankle Height Ribbons)
Accessories: *PetroFF* Summer Bracelet, EarthStones Aculo Earrings & Necklace
Hair: Truth Apple (Blonds)
Pose: Le Poppycock – Lean and Mean

What Melly’s Wearing:
Attire: Tetra Mokanta Top (Collabor88, July 2018), Giz Seorn Melody (Vanity, July, 2018) & Essenz Miami (Vanity, July 2018)
Hair: Truth – Tinsley
For more information on her daily items, read her blog post here.
Pose: FOXCITY. Bike Ride-6

[Tia] Harper Boat Cottage
CMYK// Santorini Rug (Greek)
hive // zig chair
Ariskea[Hawaii] Hibiscus Potted Pink


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