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I was in the car yesterday and I heard one of my favorite country songs, Remind Me, by Brad Paisley and Carrie Underwood.  While most love songs are all about infatuation and lust, not love, I do happen to love this song because it comes from the perspective of a couple who has forgotten to let the other know how much they mean to one another.

It doesn’t take much for one person to feel as though there partner has lost interest and fallen out of love with them.  Think about it…in the beginning of a relationship, both people spend an enormous amount of time and energy making sure the other person knows they matter.  As we become comfortable with each other, those signs of affection tend to fall off for one or both partners.  If only one partner fails to put in the effort, the other partner will start to drift away.

I admit…that is one of my fears with relationships.  I fear both that I will allow my schedule to take precedence over showing my partner the love and affection they deserve.  But even more so, I fear my partner losing interest in me and drifting away, failing to put in the effort to let me know I am still an important part of their life.  I mean, one of the big killers of relationships is becoming comfortable and feeling like the other person will always be there…and failing to let them know they are a priority.

While I have never believed strongly in the astrological traits so many talk about, I will say that I am a typical Virgo woman in that I am very committed to the people in my life.  I am also a typical Virgo woman in that once I feel that interest and commitment isn’t being reciprocated or that I am a convenience and not a priority, I am done.   When I walk away, the door closes and stays closed.

The ironic thing for me is that I am independent and do not expect to be doted on all the time.  Despite that, I do need to know I matter to that special someone.

Now…having said that…with the right person, just because I say its bedtime won’t mean its time to go to sleep.  I’m going to make sure the right person knows what they mean to me as much as possible. 😉

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What I’m Wearing
Narcisse – Lily Slip Dress [Limited Edition Colors @ Flourish]
Truth – Carla

Foxcity – Fixated 3m

Distressed Wood Floor Mirror

Apple Fall
West Village Belgravia Skybox

dust bunny
fiddle leaf tree
potted bromeliad
potted rubber tree

summer bed bondage

The Loft
Claryon Curtains White

Photo Frame Type A


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