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So I will be honest…blogging Halloween is always a struggle for me.  Valentines, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years…sooooooo much easier for me.

I think part of that is because with the things I have seen in my real life work, sometimes the horror side of Halloween is just…difficult…for me to tap into.  I mean, I love having worked in the health care field for so long.  But between 16 years on an ambulance and 3 years of working nights in the Emergency Room of a Level 1 trauma center…I have seen more of blood, guts and gore than most.  I have no problem with anyone else diving into that side with their costumes and all.  Its just a difficult place for me to go.  Too many years of nightmare and two rounds of PTSD due to what I have seen in my work has been more than enough for me.

HOWEVER…it was really nice to finally find a little theme I could feel and connect with.  Something that would bring out the mystical magic of Halloween in a cute and fun way.  And yes, to my girlfriends who tell me I do girly better than they do…guilty as charged. 😛

Who says Halloween has to be all blood, guts and gore.  Nothing wrong with a little witchy magic….

See it on Flickr.

What I’m Wearing
Addams – Jane Crop Top
Cae – Simplicity Gem Earrings
Truth – Elixir

Body – Maitreya – Lara
Head – LeLutka – Korina
Shape – Custom
Skin – Glam Affair – Cassy

Foxcity – Kitty 6m

Apple Fall
Christmas Dining Table
Period Fireplace – Black

DISORDERLY [@ Epiphany]
Crystal Collection / Crystal Candlesticks
Crystal Collection / Crystal Pendant Stand
Crystal Collection / Crystal Scale

dust bunny
pilea peper plant

copper candleholder
wine glass dirty red
wine glass red

Elm [@ Epiphany]
#2 “Psychic Hotline” – Black Ouija Phone- C/M
#8 “Psychic Hotline” – Black Typewriter
#11 “Psychic Hotline” – Black Crystal Ball- C/M

Wednesday[+] [@ Epiphany]
~ Deadly Love ~ Black Candle – COMMON
~ Deadly Love ~ Herb Tray – RARE
~ Deadly Love ~ Love Book – COMMON
~ Deadly Love ~ Love Candles – COMMON
~ Deadly Love ~ Love Potion – COMMON

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