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Actually…most of us don’t have true dark secrets we are hiding, but if I made a guy or two nervous… *shrugs and giggles*

One of the things that is so fascinating with blogging is all of the different people and styles in the community.  I think that is one of the things that makes blogging so interesting…both meeting all of these amazing and talented people along with seeing so many different styles of work.  And doing collabs together is always one of the craziest things.  You end up with multiple people, all shooting the same scene, but each takes a very different view of the scene.  I am always fascinated by how different the pictures look when all is said and done.

A few weeks ago, Minnie and I connected for the first time.  I hadn’t met her before then but I had started following her work.  With her being good friends with Trouble, I had caught her work on his timeline and I was an instant fan.  In all honesty too, it wasn’t until the nominations for The Bloggies came out and I saw she was up for Best New Blogger that I realized she hadn’t even been blogging for a year.  If you get a chance, make sure to check out her blog and Flickr.  They are really amazing!

What’s been especially nice with Minnie is that I have gotten to know her beyond the blogging over the past few weeks too.  In helping her and Trouble staff their Halloween Trick or Treat neighborhood, she and I got to talk a bit more and she is a truly amazing woman.  I mean, the fact she and I have mutual friends always helps too…but she is just a genuinely good person who I have truly enjoyed getting to know these past few weeks.  She truly has a heart of gold and she is one of those people I count myself very fortunate to know.

So back to the collab… lol

So while we had a pose in mind that we were going to use, Minnie suggested this pose as a change up and invited her friend Grim to join us.  Again…I jumped at the opportunity.  While Grim isn’t a blogger, she is a phenomenal photographer.  When I saw her version of this photo, I am about died.  She has a great eye and I LOVE what she did lighting wise.  Make sure to check out her Flickr feed as well!

As I was saying before, its always nice to get out and work with others and see how they envision things.  I’ll be honest, I never would have created a set as elaborate as what Minnie (with some help from Trouble and others 😉 ) created here.  But isn’t that one of the amazing things about collabing?  Not just the final picture but also seeing what they have created before the picture and learning from that?

Its always such a gift to come together and see the magic really happen. ♥

See it on Flickr.

Make sure to check out Minnie’s version on her Flickr.

And also check out Grim’s version on her Flickr.

What I’m Wearing
Doe [@ Epiphany]

Enemy [@ Liaison Collaborative]
Darkness Tattoo

FDD Stories [@ Epiphany]
*Spicy* Creepy Skirt RARE
*Spicy* Creepy Top RARE

{Limerence} [@ Epiphany]
Face Chain – Silver
Pentagram Collar – Silver

Body – Maitreya – Lara
Head – LeLutka – Korina
Shape – Custom
Skin – Glam Affair – Cassy

What Minnie Is Wearing

Sorceress Ring Set [@ Uber]
Selene Septum – Gold / Pearl

Little Fox [@ Anthem]
Rie coven heels

MICHAN [@ Epiphany]
Rookie Witch Gacha – Basic Witch Hat RARE 2

Doris Hair [S+] @ Salem

Morgana Body
Morgana Coat -v2-

Tres Beau – Kiria

Mila – Glaxy Eyes

Make up
Warpaint – Tarot eyeliner

What Grim Is Wearing
Credits Coming

Focus Poses ] – Friends 140 [@ Salem]

crate They’re Creepy & They’re Kooky [@ Epiphany]
Spook 1 Rare

“Let’s Party skully Bart”

FOTT / WANDS / Floating Cards

Little Branch

[Schultz Bros.]
Church of the Damned

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