If You Don’t Feel Your Best Today, Allow Yourself That Space

“If you don’t feel your best today, allow yourself that space.  This is hard.  You don’t have to process this all at once.”

I’m going to try to keep this short today.  I know I have done some more lengthy posts lately…even longer than I normally do.  So, I figure today I will save your eyes and possibly save you from being nauseous. 😛

I will just say with the Thanksgiving holiday coming this week, I’m struggling.  I know that for all of us, the isolation that comes with Covid and trying to stay safe has been exhausting.  Even the most introverted people I know are struggling.  I’ve always said that staying at home because you choose to is far, FAR different than staying at home because you have to.  After nine months of this damn virus, I think we are all feeling that.

Here in the US, it’s about to get much harder for many of us.  With Thanksgiving coming this week, I know many here in the US will be feeling the isolation even more…and that includes me. 

I mean, I have always had the option of spending Thanksgiving with friends when I haven’t been able to travel in the past.  But this year, especially with the new spikes in cases all across the US, so many of us are being forced to stay at home.  I thought about going home to see my step-father…but with all of his underlying health issues, I can’t risk his health to go home.  I certainly can’t go to Pennsylvania to see my sister and her family with all of her health issues.  And, with almost all of my friends working in health care, we have all made a promise to each other to not risk getting each other sick.

So that means Thanksgiving, and most likely Christmas, will be spent at home alone.  I admit that I am struggling with the idea of being home alone and the solitude for the holiday season.  I know I have always struggled, at least since my mother died, with seasonal depression during the holiday season.  All of this, the pandemic and the isolation it’s bringing, are only making it worse this year.  Normally it kind of slowly begins to settle on me.  This year…it smacked me in the face like a ton of bricks. 

I am hoping I will find some healthy ways to cope through the holidays.  I may check in with some friends and see if they want to do a “Friendsgiving Dinner” via Skype, Zoom or something else.  I just know that this holiday season, more than ever, I need some sort of connection with people.  I think many of us are needing that…desperately.

As we move through the holiday season this year, make sure to check on your friends…ESPECIALLY those who live alone.  Human beings are, by nature, social creatures.  We weren’t built for this type of isolations…especially during the time of year that is supposed to be all about spending time with those we love. ♥

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What I’m Wearing
Blueberry – HBIC Skirt & Top
Stealthic – Cordova

Body – Legacy Meshbody
Head – LeLutka – Nova Evolution Series
Shape – Custom
Skin – Glam Affair – Rhian Evolution Skin 008 & Rhian Freckles (B) 

Diversion – Leaning (Adjustment made at Right elbow with Black Dragon Poser)

Apple Fall
Hetton Barn Conversion

Attic Hideout Couch


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