Doctor’s Orders


I think everyone (who regular reads my blog) knows I have spent my entire career in health care.  My first week of college, I signed up to volunteer with the local rescue squad and I have never stopped in the field.  Granted, I am going to switching to another area of health care with grad school behind me, but still in health care.  I don’t know…maybe it sounds cheesy or cliche, but I love working in the field and for the most part, it has paid me back ten fold from what I put in.

Having said that, when I saw this outfit, I KNEW I had to have it.  I mean, really…what girl doesn’t want to be that outrageously sexy fantasy nurse for her guy!  Ok, ok…some of you don’t want to be but I love the idea of a little role play to spice things up in the bedroom.  Plus the irony of this outfit considering my career field…well, you get the idea.

Now guys, if I wear this, don’t expect me to be all some perfect angel.  I still have to make sure you follow the doctor’s orders. 😉

See it on Flickr.

What I’m Wearing
Salt & Pepper [@ The Epiphany]
First Aid Boots – RARE
First Aid Cap White – Common
First Aide Dress – RARE
First Aid Gloves White – Common

Tram [@ Uber]
Lo116 Hair

Amitie – Secretary Puf 1 [@ A+ Event]

Apple Fall
NEW YORK Apartment

ARIA & The Loft
Devon book pile and glasses

femdom desk

Olwen Laptop

skeleton dictionary frame

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