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It’s funny how things will come together sometimes…

When I was working on this picture, I just started building the scene like I always do.  Put down a couple of focal points, then a couple of the big key additions and then work on filling in the space.  I don’t know if that process descriptions makes sense to everyone…but it makes sense to me. lol  And as I built this, I had a couple of chats going on in my IM’s, had a couple of phone calls, my roommate walked through and chatted…and I just kept working.  It wasn’t until I shot the picture and pulled it up in PhotoShop that it hit me…

This looks almost exactly like my Aunt Po’s house.

Aunt Po is, by far, my favorite aunt.  It’s a good thing no one in my family ris reading by blog because with as many aunts and uncles as I have, I would probably be lynched for saying that. lol  But she is.  She’s my dad’s sister and following his death, and especially with the issues Mom had, Aunt Po really stepped up to be a mother figure to me and my siblings.  She was a woman who only spent one semester in college, but was one of the smartest women I knew.  She was a woman of grace and elegance, but not afraid to get dirty.  She knew when to be the debutante and when to stick it to someone.

She was one of my idols.

Po has always been so loving and welcoming to all of her nieces and nephews.  She has fed us, housed us, loved us and given us the stern talks we needed at the times we needed them.  She has pushed us to be our best and always carry ourselves with honor and dignity.  Even during the roughest times for her, she was still a pillar of strength in our family.  She has been, for lack of better terms, the matriarch of our family.  She guided us all through the major joys and tragedies of our family…and is one of the strongest women I have ever met.

As I looked at this picture while editing, I was flooded with thoughts about what Aunt Po has meant to me.  She’s never been afraid to kick my tail when I needed it.  But she has always done it with love and respect.  She refused to ever let me use anything as an excuse for not achieving my goals.  She believed in me when others didn’t.

And when I came out as transgender, she sent me one of the sweetest letters I have ever read promising to be there to support me.  She told me that while she was very scared for me as I embarked on the road of transition…she was very proud of me for finding the strength to be who I truly am and saying to hell with the rest of the world.  She promised me that her home and heart would always be a place for me to call home and that she would never turn her back on me.

I’ve always said that it’s interesting how we have SL bleed into RL and RL bleed into SL.  Well…now I have this image that will always remind me of Aunt Po’s love. ♥

See it on Flickr.

17 – primavera in Toscana Courtyard Bench

Bicycle -Apricot
Bicycle with Sunflower -Peacock
Mailbox -Rural

NO LIMITS // flock of flying doves. [egg-yellow]

dust bunny
hanging plants . double planter

mesh park bench

cone boxwood topiary
newly planted birch tree

Cliff Hill – green A
Cliff Hill – green B
Dirt Road – brown

Boxer Bedlam 1. Adult Boxer Companion RARE

Labrador Sitting – Mesh – Full Perm

LAQ Decor
Picket Fence (White)
Picket Fence Pillar (White)
Wood Gate Left (White)
Wood Gate Right (White)

Little Branch

“Bridgewater” House ~ Red

bucket of tulips

draped curtain (ivory)
stone path – assembled A (light)

{what next}
‘Spring Bloom’ Tulip Planter (yellow + orange)
Summer Garden Hanging Planter 1
Summer Window Box
Winter Bird Feeder (no snow) – VIP Group Gift

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